Sales Coordinator

Reports to: Sales Head
Location: Bangalore
Summary: Coordinating and assisting the sales team to ensure smooth sales operations and maintain a high standard of customer service
Frequency of travel: Ability to work from base Location and travel 10-15% of the time


Sales Reporting & Database management
– Maintain a database of Client information through primary and secondary sources such as company websites, direct connects, sales and marketing events etc
– Provide and publish a Biweekly status reporting on in-pipeline request, conversions, closed sales etc. by maintaining a database or working with the system
– Works with other departments within the company to bring in additional help on creating sales presentations when needed
– Ensure the adequacy of sales-related material and manage vendors regarding quotations, negotiations and delivery to ensure proper inventory

Sales Support
– Coordinate with sales team calendars to manage schedules, plan meetings and follow-ups
– Distribute any sales documents and collaterals, file important documents and communicate relevant information
-Liaise between team and other stakeholders to provide the service most suitable to the client’s needs, cost and time constraint
– Maintains, updates and standardizes all sales contracts, commercials and validates it with the legal team if necessary
– Coordinates with Clients on phone for any follow ups
– Coordinates with other functions for any additional inputs required to close on a sales deal
– Accountable for timely collection of sales and activity reports from respective sales team

Client Management:
– Ensures timely collection of any pending and complete documentation from the client
– Provides necessary information related to the client on different available products
– Communicates effectively with the client on any unforeseen delays or problems, handle urgent requirements, payment follow-ups & outstanding payments

EXPERIENCE – +1 year of experience in sales or customer service.

About Reverie Language Technologies:

Founded by Arvind Pani, Vivekanand Pani and S K Mohanty in 2009, we are a Bangalore-based market leader in providing multilingual solutions for digital platforms. Be it text display, text input or content processing for a mobile phone, mobile app or mobile/web content, Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service (laas) platform, a Cloud-based service provides multilingual solutions for the entire language ecosystem that comprises oems, app developers, content providers, consumer internet companies and large enterprises.

Why Reverie exists:

Today we make majority of our fellow citizens who can’t speak English but are already online feel unwelcome on the Internet. Whenever they visit your site or app, they are met with a wall of text in a language that they can’t understand.
We at Reverie believe in Language Equality on the InternetTM. This means that every non-English speaker, should enjoy as native and organic an experience online as you and I take for granted. We are working towards this mission by building the full-stack of language technologies spanning fonts, font rendering, transliteration (when you write the same word in a different script), translation, language apps, and multilingual search for web portals and mobile apps.

What Reverie does:

Reverie helps you connect beyond India’s 10% English users. We understand your business context to provide fast and scalable solutions via our Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) platform. We take immense pride in the fact that we tackle the most complex and impactful problems in computing today. To that end, we’ve worked super hard to assemble a team of experts across machine learning, NLP, linguistics, data science, machine translation and multilingual search. Now, localisation is just an API away.

What we DON’T care about:

Your age, gender, where you went to college, or your academic scores.

What we DO care about:

Our mission resonates with you
You meet most of the requirements listed above
You have an insatiable curiosity, which means you’ll figure a way out even in an unfamiliar environment
And finally your integrity and work ethic