Display solutions for feature phones

Reverie provides fixed size fonts for different low screen resolutions for 22 official languages of India and other South Asian languages.

Our fonts and rendering solutions are well within 150 KB; the lowest memory footprint in the industry with legibility and aesthetics and efficiently run on handsets with 512KB of RAM.

Built in ligature formation rules for complex scripts in our display solutions prevent inaccurate rendering of text on phones.

We also have advanced language solutions for smart feature phones which includes OpenType scalable fonts.


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Reverie provides language input solutions for feature phones and smart feature phones for 22 official languages of India and the language switch is easy.

For feature phones, the input solution takes 20 KB of memory.

For smart feature phones we have multi-tap and predictive typing.

We also provide menu localization of static strings for feature phones.

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Input solutions for feature phones

Reverie solutions for smartphones

Smartphones are high resolution devices and require scalable vector fonts for clear and legible display.

Reverie designed and developed specialized, scalable OpenType fonts for smartphones with an aim to provide legible and unambiguous textual output.

Reverie in half a billion devices

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