Implementing local-language governance initiatives in multilingual and multicultural societies enables millions of citizens to access important information in their own language and reap appropriate benefits from governments’ policies.

Reverie actively works with the Indian government and offers multilingual solutions and support to aid in several government initiatives.

What can Reverie’s LaaS localise for the Indian Government?

Increasing number of Indian citizens are embarking on the digital journey. They are connected to the Internet via various devices such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Mobile phones, especially, have become a common household item for hundreds of millions of Indian citizens. Although millions of local-language users in India own high-end smartphones and feature phones, most of them are unable to access information on their mobiles because the content is available to them only in English.

Aiming to reach more local-language users in India, the Indian government has recently taken several initiatives in the direction of going multilingual in the digital medium such as Digital India Programme and National e-Governance.

In the lines of governance initiatives, Reverie’s LaaS platform can help enable:

  • Localisation of user interface and static information on government websites and mobile apps
  • Implementation of multilingual solutions for initiatives such as policy administration, utilities, transport, taxation, etc.
  • Comprehensive financial inclusion of local-language users via localised payment and financial solutions
  • Multilingual citizen transactions, requests and feedbacks, compliance enhancement, and more.
  • Conversion of digital forms from English to multiple local languages and vice versa
  • Online applications and tracking, including linked databases and interfaces between departments
  • Multilingual usage of online repositories, such as school certificates, voter ID cards, etc.
  • Conversion of legacy data into modern system compatible data
  • Multilingual analytics solutions for local language data.

How can Reverie’s LaaS help the government achieve citizen goals?

In tandem with the National e-Governance plan, Reverie Language Technologies has offered several helpful multilingual solutions to the Indian government to help citizens overcome the language barrier.

At the policy level

Reverie has enabled easy access to policies for more citizens in their own language. This ensures deeper understanding of policies and encourages the citizens to optimally use them for their benefit.

We also act as consultants to the Indian government in order to make policy initiatives more visible and accessible to rural and urban citizens.

For example, in order for the multilingual content to reach more citizens, devices and apps need to be localised. Reverie helps in the standardisation of language framework policies for mobile manufacturers and chipset manufacturers.

Through technology partners

Reverie has partnered with several leading system integrators and consulting companies to aid in their initiatives to serve the citizens.

Reverie, in collaboration with leading global consulting companies, helped Karnataka and Rajasthan governments with multilingual data conversion.

Direct collaboration

Reverie also actively directly reaches out to government leaders authorised to implement initiatives to provide multilingual support.

We offered multilingual solutions for Prime Minister’s Jan-dhan Yojana to help the government distribute money to the right beneficiaries.





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