Language localization embodies the art, science, design, and process of comprehending, converting, publishing, and analyzing content across languages. Frequent questions are answered below and if you have any further queries, Please contact us

Language localization is the process of converting content in one language into another. The objective is to make this content more accessible to a wider audience.  This content can mean apps and Web portals with all content published in them or used by them. It can also mean emails, notifications, updates, marketing communication and a lot more.
Language localization is a business enabler. It increases the number of customers or audiences a business or any initiative can reach out to. It also helps existing users who are more proficient in languages other than English, do more with services they consume in the digital world.

The entire journey from seeing or keying in fonts, hearing or being  heard, and searching or discovering digital content in a language across devices is termed as language experience. Language experience has to be stellar and continuously improving as has been the case for English. Reverie extends this languages experience across languages creating language equality.

With better language experience comes better comprehension and expression of intent. As language experience improves across languages and devices, users tend to do more using languages they are more comfortable in. This drives businesses to achieving more and enhancing their impact.