Multilingual Governance

Information access

Allow citizens access to information in their prefered language

  • Multilingual display across devices
  • Managed translations in 11 languages
  • Realtime transliteration in 11 languages
  • Cross lingual search and discovery in 11 languages

Interactions and alerts

Easily manage multilingual communications and citizen interactions

  • Multilingual alerts & notifications
  • Multilingual text entry and publishing
  • Multi-modal entry – native and phonetic
  • Predictions, next word suggestions
  • Low memory footprint, cross platform

Fullfil objectives

Language is a key enabler in fulfilling Digital India and National e-governance objectives

  • Consulting with government counterparts to make policy initiatives more visible and accessible to rural and urban citizens
  • Standardisation of language framework policies
  • Financial & social inclusion via localised payment and financial solutions
  • Ensuring knowledge parity & equal opportunities

Efficacy and reach

Manage inter and intra-department governance programs

  • Multilingual solutions for policy administration utilities, transport, taxation, etc.
  • Online applications and tracking, including linked
  • databases and interfaces between departments

Services & Transactions

Multilingual citizen transactions, requests and feedbacks, compliance enhancement

  • Multilingual apps & web portals
  • E-delivery of bills, certificates, analytics, reports and dashboards in multilingual formats
  • Multilingual usage of online repositories
  • Conversion of legacy data into modern system compatible data
  • Conversion of digital forms from English to multiple local languages & vice versa