Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service (LaaS) cloud platform.

Localisation is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific market in order to appeal to the linguistic, business, cultural, and social patterns of the target audience belonging to that particular market.

It broadly includes translation, transliteration, and multilingual search, input and display capabilities.

Only 10% of Indians are English literates However, 56% of the digital content is in English, whereas content in Indian languages on the Internet accounts for less than 0.1%.

According to an IAMAI report, 75% digital growth in India will stem from the rural local-language users

In the last year alone, Hindi content on the web has grown by about 94%, whereas English content has grown only by 19%.

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What is Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform?

Reverie’s cloud-based LaaS platform delivers intelligent multilingual solutions that enable your business to go multilingual in real-time. It also enables you to engage with your audience in their language and to convert local languages into growth engines for your business by effectively communicating without boundaries.

A business talks to its users through apps and portals in all forms of content. Creation and display of, interaction with, and search of local language content is delivered as a service, in real-time, through Reverie’s LaaS platform.

The LaaS platform delivers content to multiple audiences in multiple languages accurately through a set of domain-intelligent and context-aware APIs and SDKs

These APIs and SDKs are designed to handle different meanings of the same word in different domains. For example “play” would be interpreted differently in the context of sports, music, theatre etc. Or, depending on the context, “cricket” might refer to a sport or an insect.


How does LaaS help you achieve your business goals?

Reverie’s LaaS platform is designed to be aligned with your business and organisation goals.

Increase your business growth

Language highly influences the buying behaviour of consumers. Research shows that over half of online consumers tend to buy more when they see content in their own language. Serving local-language content and apps to such customers is a recipe for explosive growth. Because the LaaS platform is highly scalable and self-learning, it gives a better experience and more accurate local-language outcome for a wider variety of consumers.

Connect deeper with your customers

Local-language customers represent an entirely different segment. Being relevant is key to winning and retaining them. Each language has its own flavours and nuances that cannot be effectively expressed in any other language. Thus advertisements, messaging, promotions – all need to be language-localised in order to stay relevant to your audience and truly connect with them. The domain-intelligent LaaS platform ensures high relevancy and accuracy of content transformation.

Improve your customer engagement

Language localisation ensures better customer engagement through local-language communication. Meaningful and timely communication to customers in their own languages ensures high customer satisfaction. Reverie’s aesthetic display solutions ensure high legibility and readability of local-language content, thus improving your customer engagement.