LaaS Use Cases

LaaS Ebook DownloadLaaS is designed to work for a variety of applications and use cases.

Content creation in local languages

Content creation and publishing is a vital part of any language.

The Android SDK provided by the LaaS platform comes with a built-in multilingual keypad. The intuitive keypad enables the user to create content in two modes:

Native language mode: Users can input text in the script of any chosen language, using the multilingual local-language keypad.

Phonetic mode: Users can input text in English characters that are accurately transliterated into the script of the chosen language, in real-time.

Reverie’s exhaustive font library ensures legibility and readability with aesthetically designed font types and solutions.

Search and discovery of local-language content

Reverie’s LaaS platform enables users to search for content that is published in one language, in any language of their choice.

As the Internet becomes increasingly local, there will be more content generated in local languages. Localised apps and portals host local content by default.

Reverie’s input solutions and the Search API provided by the LaaS platform make it easy for users to search and discover such local-language content.

Predictive search is an important feature of the Search API. It provides accurate suggestions in both English and local languages, making it even easier for the user to search local-language content in real time.

Mobile apps and portals

Delivery channels such as apps and portals, can be localised into multiple languages.

The Localisation API provided by the LaaS platform helps in accurate conversion of menus, sub-menus, product categories and sub-categories, website navigation hooks, calls-to-action, text in drop-downs and radio buttons and more – in multiple languages, in real-time across your mobile apps and web portals.

The entire browse-to-buy or browse-and-transact process can be made multilingual on the fly.

Choosing a product, buying it, seeing a dashboard, tracking shipping, viewing account statements, and many other diverse processes that are a part of many different businesses can be converted into multiple languages, on demand.

Alerts and notifications

Using the LaaS platform, you can send timely alerts and notifications to your users in multiple local languages.

Push notifications from your app can be localised in real time.

Local-language users can be made privy to non-intrusive message alerts, including product updates, medical appointments, friendly reminders, and so on, in their own language.