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India spends over $20 billion each year on local-language entertainment across print and digital media.

Local-language digital advertisements prove to be five times more effective than English-language ads in multilingual societies. Globally, media is consumed best and understood best, in local languages.

The dominant media that serves over two-thirds of the globe, does so in their language. However, digital representation of local languages India is negligible.

What can Reverie localise for media & entertainment businesses?

Over 92% of Indian newspapers are offered in local languages. Print media offers easy accessibility to multilingual content to local-language users, which is responsible for its deeper market penetration.

However, digital media is yet to catch up with this fast-growing user base. Lack of multilingual content online makes it challenging to offer relevant content to non-English literate users.

Reverie’s LaaS platform enables businesses to go multilingual by offering competitive language solutions, including multilingual content creation and publishing, translation, transliteration, aesthetic search and input capabilities.

Some platforms whose content can be localised with the help of the LaaS platform are:

  • All channels of engagement—website, extended kiosks, apps, mobile web, etc., with a one-off integration
  • Programmatically-served advertising campaigns and platforms serving them
  • Content platforms with context for consumption
  • Digital entertainment platforms and channels
  • Publishers and publishing platforms

How can we help you achieve your business goals?

Keeping your organisation goals in mind, Reverie’s LaaS platform has been intelligently designed and delivered to enable you to:

Increase the reach of your advertising and marketing campaigns

Successful marketing localisation relies on effective multi-locale brand management. Consumer organizations often spend large amounts on advertising for all media formats in a highly competitive market. In order to reach out to the local-language market base, marketing campaigns must speak the language of the target market. With more and more digital marketing content published than ever before, it is crucial to create multilingual content. Reverie’s LaaS platform provides intelligent display solutions and multilingual input capabilities that enable media businesses to go local.

Connect deeper with your customers

Local-language customers represent an entirely different segment. Being relevant is key to winning and retaining them. Each language has its own flavours and nuances that cannot be effectively expressed in any other language. Thus advertisements, messaging, promotions – all need to be language-localised in order to stay relevant to your audience and truly connect with them. The domain-intelligent LaaS platform ensures high relevancy and accuracy of content transformation.

Improve your user engagement

Language localisation ensures better customer engagement through local-language communication. Meaningful and timely communication to customers in their own languages ensures high customer satisfaction. Reverie’s aesthetic display solutions ensure high legibility and readability of local-language content, thus improving your customer engagement.





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