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The demand for consumption of textual content has increased multi-fold in the recent times, owing to the proliferation of the Internet and mobile phones. 

Unfortunately, several millions of local-language users in India are still deprived of accessing textual content on digital devices because of lack of good-quality digital fonts and content in Indic scripts.

Based on over 30 years of in-house expertise and research on Indic-language typography used in print medium as well as digital medium, Reverie Language Technologies has designed and developed aesthetic fonts and intelligent font-rendering solutions for complex Indic and South Asian scripts.

Our multilingual display solutions have powered more than 200 million devices worldwide.

Why medium-specific, intelligible fonts are key to successful localisation:

Indic-language typography is far more difficult to design than Latin-based scripts like English because they are highly complex and multi-tiered. Indic scripts have multiple add-ons such as matras, conjuncts and modifiers. Any ambiguity in shape or character recognition of scripts leads to poor understanding of content.

The biggest challenge in Indic-language typography is that the medium highly influences the legibility of textual content. Challenges further multiply in case of complex scripts. Therefore, it is imperative to use the right type of fonts for facilitating high volumes of text consumption in the digital medium.

Investing in quality fonts and rendering engines that can handle the complexity of Indic scripts is crucial for successfully localising your business. Aesthetic and highly-legible display solutions are key to retaining your existing customers and expanding to the local-language market base.

Reverie’s aesthetic and accurate display solutions

Reverie has developed an exhaustive font library that contains aesthetic fonts and accurate font-rendering solutions for 22 Indic languages and many South Asian scripts for mobile devices.

Our typefaces are highly legible, aesthetic and have no ambiguity in character recognition. Therefore, they provide uninterrupted and unparalleled user experience on digital devices in a multilingual ecosystem.

Reverie’s fonts offer 100% accuracy in the rendering of complex Indic scripts. They are available in both vector and raster formats.

Our display solutions are compatible with both smartphone and feature phones. They are designed to be compact and light-weight such that many languages can fit into the small memory size of even the most basic of feature phones.

How can Reverie’s display solutions help your business?

Our fonts have been specially designed to provide high levels of clarity and legibility on small screens. They aid in harmonious text compositions on mobile screens that facilitate the user to read large chunks of text without having to strain their eyes.

Reverie’s font library provides aesthetic and intelligent display solutions that are ideal for chipset manufactures and OEMs. They can be used for smart phones, feature phones, PDAs, tablets, set-top boxes, and even on mobile apps.

Several smartphone and feature phone models of leading chipset manufacturers and OEMs such as Qualcomm, RDA, Intex, Micromax, Panasonic, Karbon, Spice, iBall and Intel run on our multilingual display solutions. In addition to this, mobile apps such as Ola have benefitted from our intelligible font solutions and are successfully catering to their local-language user base.

Our multilingual display solutions have successfully mitigated the language barrier that was previously present between local-language users and the digital medium.