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Give your customers a personalized experience with Language First Devices

Devices are personal – and this means smartphones, gaming consoles, television sets, set top boxes, and many more. Give users of these devices the power to interact and search content in their own languages. Make their devices even more personal by going multilingual.

What can be localized for devices by Reverie?

  • Phone book contacts in multiple languages. The Reverie Multilingual Phone Book app converts contacts from one language to another, each time a language is chosen. Users can also create contacts in multiple languages – truly personalizing their phone book contacts.
  • Type in many languages. All at once, if you may!  Reverie’s multilingual keyboard, Swalekh,  also comes with Reverie’s solutions for devices. Users can type using different modes – a native language mode, Swabhasha, where the keypad is shown in their own language, and phonetic mode, Shruti, with the text getting converted into their native languages as they type in English.
    • Polyglots can fluidly shift between languages and can type in all of the available languages they know in the same message body.
    • Users can tweet, send Facebook updates, send short messages, write mails or blog posts – in any language they choose on Reverie’s keyboard.
    • You can download Swalekh for your device
  • Everyone’s Language. On their Own Device. Beautifully! Reverie’s fonts and display solutions on devices helps display many global languages including all 22 official Indian languages. These work across devices and platforms.

View our case study for a leading device manufacturer from India and see how Reverie increased their reach by making it available in 12 languages.





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