Enabling local language consumer internet


176 million smartphone users are expected to be added in the next 5 years in India. 9 out of every 10 new internet users in India over the next 5 years are likely to be Indian language users. Can you ensure your travel app or service can provide them the convenience of booking and receiving information as well as reminders for their upcoming travel in their own language?


44% of Indian language internet users find it difficult to comprehend product descriptions and customer reviews in English. Over 50% of offline shoppers are willing to access e-tailing sites and apps if provided with an end to end Indian language interface. Build trust with a growing Indian consumer base by being known linguistically. Your e-retail web-app properties in local languages can influence buying behavior of consumers from all walks of life - from discovery to retention. Be prepared for the next wave of growth is projected to come from rural India


30% of Indian language internet users access classifieds offline and 50% of these users are likely to adopt the category if these services are provided online in their preferred language. Grow your presence with local language users in urban & rural India whether you are a vertical or horizontal classifieds business. Let your customers list by typing in all official Indian languages, search across multilingual listings and buy/sell what they need in a language they are comfortable with. Bring additional traffic and build a network of local community members who want to keep coming back to you


When you are in the business of selling fast moving consumables, communication becomes important. More so in India where only 10% Indians speak English. Whether its your customer or the supply side, we help your hyperlocal business achieve customer satisfaction through localisation & timely communication in Indian languages

Media & Entertainment

With falling data rates and improved infrastructure, Indians are consuming more content online than ever. It is projected that By 2018, 60% of Indian media & entertainment content will be in local languages. An average rural user spends 15% more time consuming digital news than the urban counterpart.Increase viewership and make it easy for your customers, old and new to discover your portal or app and access your content by making it available in local languages

Banking & Financial Services

Despite being aware of online services, 58% of Indian language internet users continue to use only the offline channel on account of a language barrier in the online ecosystem. The Indian language internet users accessing digital payments will triple to reach 175 million by 2021. Allow more customers to go digital and transact 'anytime, anywhere' on your website or app with our multilingual transactional capabilities for banking & financial services. Build on your brand's trust and transparency by serving them in a language of their choice