Why should marketers consider website localization...

Websites are prime real estate for any company with a digital presence. As the primary touchpoint for discovery, websites are generally the first asset of a company that a user sees – a fact that marketers know all too well.

Is the Indian translation industry keeping up with...

India’s lingual diversity has always been its cultural highpoint. It, therefore, is barely surprising to see it shaping the internet and its rise in India. 9 out of 10 Indians on the internet are non-English users. The Indian heartland continues

Unity Rendering For Indic Scripts

Unity is one of the most powerful and popular tools for game development across platforms. Originally used to make games for desktops and consoles, it now lets you build games on 27 different platforms, including smart mobile devices. Mobile Gaming In

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How To Build a Node.js Application with Docker

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How To Deploy a PHP Application with Kuber

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