4.5+ million farmers across India

15,000 crore market was opened up

eNAM (National Agriculture Market) is the Government of India’s unified online market for trading agricultural produce. It lets farmers check, in real time, how much different types of produce cost and can be sold for. It promotes real time price discovery and transparency in the auction process, and gives farmers access to a nationwide market. Farmers can buy and sell online and get the best prices, cutting out the middleman completely.

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  • Client: eNAM
  • Time: 6 Months
  • Industry: Government
  • Service: Prabandhak

eNam’s Requirement

eNAM wanted to boost its adoption among farmers, giving an opportunity for more users to take advantage of its real time platform.

The missing link? Language.

The eNAM platform was only available in English, but most of its end users are not proficient in English – which posed a serious barrier to its wider adoption. By localizing the eNAM platform in multiple languages, more farmers would be able to use the platform to make better business decisions and transact with ease, in their own language.

eNAM needed its end users – farmers – to be able to access and interpret commodity pricing data in their own language, as well create easy to understand reports for reference.

Reverie’s Intervention

Reverie’s strong domain knowledge and prior experience with similar client challenges meant that we could provide the solution eNAM needed. Reverie’s LaaS suite includes localization, transliteration, and a multilingual search engine, all in real time.

In addition, our comprehensive services include guidance at every step of implementation, in addition to the actual tech implementation. All this meant that Reverie’s LaaS platform was just what eNAM was looking for.

“We opted for Reverie as they are the leader in the space”

Arun, eNam

Services Used

to enable machine translation for 11 indian languages
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Changes made by us

Reverie localized the eNAM portal’s content in 5 languages – Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Bengali, with real time transliteration and translation for static content & dynamic content.
We also enabled generation of real time per user reports in local languages in multiple formats, on a daily basis.

Impact we created

Over 4.5 million farmers across the country use the eNAM platform to help make decisions on selling their produce.
All this, just by making the service with all its data and features available to them in the language they trust the most.
By providing access to this data in multiple languages, eNAM can now empower farmers more effectively and allow them to make the most of the platform’s various features, and tap into the Rs. 15,000 crore market with confidence.

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