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10 years of pioneering language technologies! Our solutions support 11 different Indic languages and have empowered over 200 million users to date.
We aim to become the language platform of choice – establishing standards for Indian languages and meaningfully impacting the lives of more than 500 million people. people.

Language solutions tailored for every industry

Localize every step of your customer’s journey


The first and biggest obstacle in your customer’s journey is the lack of content in their local language. Our products help you generate and translate content into multiple Indic languages.


The second challenge is the lack of localized interaction tools. We make it possible for users to interact with your content, in their preferred language, through text and voice input solutions.


The final step to complete localization is understanding and responding to your user in their preferred language. Our highly sophisticated AI engines can help you interpret and revert to users much faster.

Technologies that power our products

When language means Empowerment 

Around 35% of Indian language internet users
 are accessing government services, classifieds,
news, and payment services exclusively online.