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In just 10 years, we have built cutting-edge technologies that support 22 Indian languages!
A short introduction about the company establishing it as a thought-leader, pioneer, visionary and good at technology.

Our solutions span across different industries

Our holistic indic product ecosystem touches users at every point of their digital journey


The first and foremost challenge for Indic internet users is the lack of content. Our products help you with Indic content generation and conversion into multiple languages.


Once a user finds Indic content, the next challenge is how to interact with the content. Our products help you build tools to support Indian language input in the form text and voice.


For interpreting user’s actions and respond to their actions, we have built highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engines with cutting-edge technologies.

Technologies that power our products

When language means empowerment 

8/10 Indian students read
and learn in regional language
textbooks across India