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How Indian Language Bots Support NBFCs?

24/7 Automated Support
EMI & Renewal Reminders
Transition: IVR to human support
Preventing customer drop-offs
Streamlining loan approvals

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Dive into the Realm of Multilingual Bots - Why? 

Our multilingual bot swiftly resolves queries in various languages, simplifying complex financial terms in Indian languages for better customer understanding and satisfaction.






How it Works

Seamless Integration

Indian Languages Supported

Round-the-clock support

Use Cases Supported

General Customer Queries

Apply for Loan/ Insurance/ Cards / EMI Reminder 

Loan Application Tracking

Updates and document submissions.

Educational Resources

Financial literacy in Indian languages. (EMI Network Partner Stores/ Insurance Network Hospitals/ Offers/ Branches etc.)

Instant Assistance

Resolving issues promptly, anytime, anywhere. (Apply Insta EMI Card, PayBill, View Statement)

Feedback Collection

Gathering feedback in native languages.

Get Acquainted with Reverie’s IndoCord Bot Platform

No-Code Platform: Simplifies development process

Gen-AI Integration:  Cutting-edge AI integration

Voice + Text Bot: Multifunctional communication channels

100+ Templates: Scalable & Flexible 

14+ Domains: Wide-ranging applicability

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