Written by
Ravi D

published Date

Oct 04, 2023

5 min read

Written by
Ravi D

published Date

Oct 04, 2023

5 min read

India is a multi-linguistic country with 780 languages out of which 22 languages are officially recognized by the Indian Constitution. In a country where a majority of the population speaks languages other than English, it’s imperative for businesses to invest in technologies that enable them to communicate with their diverse target language speakers and expand their customer base.

However, if you are managing translations manually or are using free software on the internet, it can be error-prone, time-consuming, unsafe in terms of sharing sensitive data, and will burn a hole in your wallet.

Fortunately, the advent of translation APIs is revolutionising the approach of companies in terms of language translation by harnessing the power of AI. These tools provide a safe, automated, and efficient approach to breaking down language barriers, helping businesses scale, expand their reach, and enhance their communication on a national scale.

Before we get into the benefits of API translation, let’s define what a translation API is.

What is a Translation API?

Translation API is a software platform that allows users to translate texts and many other content like recorded audio or live chat into multiple languages. It enables them to integrate translation capabilities seamlessly into websites and applications. This API uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously learn and improve from each translation. Translation APIs are an efficient tool for breaking language barriers which enables businesses to expand on a national level by improving communication and reaching their target language speakers.

How businesses can benefit from Reverie’s Translation API? 

  1. Scale your business with a multilingual website

There are 536 million Indian language internet users. When information catering to them is available on your website in their native language, they will connect to it more. A multilingual website enables businesses to communicate with customers from different states and cultures. Translation APIs seamlessly translate websites into every Indian language. This enables a seamless user experience for users who may not be proficient in the website’s default language.

  1. Cost-effective – spend less and get more

Translation API is superior when it comes to human translation vs. machine and AI translation. Multilingual websites, internal documents, live chats, and social media platforms can be translated with minimum effort compared to human translation.

You don’t need to hire professional translators for all their translation efforts, instead, you can use translation APIs and cut the costs by saving time. 

  1. Keep your data protected from unauthorized third-party software

Using free online translation tools can be harmful because you are using a public translation tool and your data can be used by anyone on the internet. The best translation API is the one that adds value to your application and website by adding layers of security.  

Translation API providers follow practices and mechanisms like authentication and authorization, HTTPS encryption, and data security and privacy policies on how customer data is collected, stored, and used. 

  1. Scale all over the country quickly and efficiently 

Translation APIs can translate large amounts of data enabling businesses to quickly communicate with national audiences making them suitable for scaling operations all over the country.

Real-time translations for chat, website, customer support, or social media engagement can help your business scale at a faster rate. Because translation APIs can churn out large volumes of translated content in a very short time, they play a crucial role in scaling your business in different states in the country.

  1. Get accurate translations consistently across all platforms

Translation APIs provide highly accurate translations, minimizing the risk of errors or misinterpretations that can occur with human translation. They ensure consistent terminology and style across all translated content, maintaining brand integrity and clarity of communication.

Translation API provides an unparalleled translation surpassing the potential errors in human translations. Quality translations help your customers connect with your brand more and even help in local SEO optimization.

Reverie’s Translation API provides robust features tailored to fulfil your language translation needs. 

Reverie’s Translation API features 

  • Real-time translation: Offers instant language translation of 11 official languages in India for website, live chat, customer support, or social media platforms. This facilitates quick and accurate communication enabling businesses to reach their target language speakers.
  • Customizable translation models: Empower businesses to tailor their language translations to specific needs and industries. This enhances the relevance of the translated content. 
  • Comprehensive language support: Extensive language support covering 11 official languages. This makes Reverie valuable for businesses and organizations operating in India.
  • Secure and reliable: Utmost importance on data security and protection in accordance with the security standards safeguarding the sensitive data of businesses during the translation process.
  • Easy integration: User-friendly and seamless integration into applications and websites, supported by comprehensive documentation and SDKs, making it accessible for developers regardless of their level of expertise. 
  • Document translation: Simplifies the tedious task of translating documents, streamlining the process and enabling businesses to convert documents across multiple Indian languages.
  • Unprecedented translation quality: Uses techniques with context-awareness to maintain the intended context and meaning of the content. This makes sure that the content resonates with your target language speakers. 
  • High scalability: Ensures that even during an event of increased demand, the translation needs of businesses are met without compromising on quality and speed. 
  • Domain adaptability: Ensures that the translation is not only accurate but also contextually relevant for businesses with diverse fields and specialized domains. 
  • Competitive pricing: Caters to businesses across various industries by offering cost-effective options so that businesses can manage their operational budget effectively. 
  • Continuous learning and improvement: Our AI model evolves and enhances its translation abilities with each interaction. This provides businesses with increased language support and quality over time. 
  • Glossary: Includes a comprehensive glossary that ensures the translation aligns with the specific terminology used within a domain. 

Why choose Reverie’s for your translation needs?

We have been trusted by industry leaders like Zomato, HDFC, Ola, and Tata Motors helping them to cater to their local audience through websites, applications, and content systems. 

Reverie’s Anuvadak helps Indian businesses launch their multilingual websites in 11 official languages with ease, in real-time, with minimal effort, and with a faster go-to-market. 

If you are a translator or running an agency and struggling with translations, Prabandhak is our cloud-based AI-powered translation management system where you can allocate tasks, automate, and manage multilingual projects.

Click here to get in touch with our experts.

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