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Dec 27, 2022

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Bangalore, Karnataka — December 21, 2016 – Reverie’s Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip has been announced as the ‘Best Utility App’ in the 2016 Silicon Valley Business App Awards (SVBA) sponsored by Regalix, Inc. Hailed as one of the most prestigious app & device awards program in the Silicon Valley, the SVBA Awards recognize and reward best achievements in the world of Mobile Apps, and Wearable Technology.

The SVBA panel of judges, comprised of experts with significant contributions to the advancement of technology, selected the winners from submissions received from around the globe. Awards were given for Best Productivity App, Best Management & Finance App, Best Utility App and Best Wearable Technology.

The Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip is a true Indic language keyboard that helps you type text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, emails, blogs and lots more in all 22 official Indian languages. Its features include:

  • Lightest keypad app for smartphones at 5.5MB
  • QWERTY equivalents for all Indian languages
  • 3 modes of typing – Native, Phonetic and English
  • Flip to access settings without exiting host app interface for minimal interruption
  • India’s only keypad that doesn’t allow junk character or word creations
  • Improved transliteration in Phonetic mode
  • Keypad comes with a cursor, undo & redo options apart from word predictions and emoticons
  • Localized menu setting for local language users to navigate easily

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Debashis Roy, AVP & Product Head for Reverie’s mobility solutions said, “A lot of effort has gone into achieving a balance between consumer demand for features as well as business requirements and opportunities for mobile manufacturers and chipset makers for the Indian market. We are actively helping top mobile brands in India comply with BIS’ mandate where it is mandatory for all mobile phones in India to provide display support for all 22 languages in India and input in English, Hindi and a regional language by July 2017.”

“My heartiest congratulations to the winners as well as finalists. I am amazed at the innovative qualities purported by all of our participants this year. This only shows how fast our technology space is evolving,” said Nimish Vohra, Sr. VP – Marketing at Regalix. “As we continue to recognize creative brilliance and hard work with this event, we look forward to expecting more surprises and innovations in the field.”

About Reverie Language Technologies

Reverie’s vision is to promote language equality on the Internet. It was founded in 2009 by Arvind Pani, Vivek Pani and S.K Mohanty, and is led by a strong R&D technology team that builds technologies to bridge the language divide in the digital world. Reverie works with OEM & chipset manufacturers, enterprises (Consumer Internet) and the developer community.

Reverie’s Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) cloud platform provides localisation services such as local-language translation, transliteration, device input, and search through a set of APIs.  The platform integrates with business infrastructure (websites and apps) to enable end users to consume digital content in their preferred language in multiple languages, real-time.

Reverie serves the consumer Internet space (online retail, e-commerce marketplaces, travel, media & entertainment), banks and financial services, e-governance, across millions of devices. For more visit www.reverieinc.com

About the Silicon Valley Business App Awards (SVBA)

The Silicon Valley Business App (SVBA) Awards are designed to showcase and reward the greatest achievements and innovations across Mobile App and Wearable Technology categories. Aimed at putting the spotlight on the best innovations, the awards will be bestowed on individual or collective efforts, selected by an eminent Jury comprising leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit www.svbaawards.com

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