Multilingual Text Display Suite

India is home to 893,862,000 cell phones, presenting phone manufacturers and game developers the opportunity to exponentially scale their reach – provided they can tap into the diverse Indian market. Reverie makes this possible with a robust font suite comprising two unique solutions to make cellphones more local-language friendly.

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Unity Font Software Development Kit (SDK)

Gaming platforms like Unity need fast rendering on screen. Complex scripts fonts such as for Indian languages use OpenType font specifications which need heavy operations and hence the rendering speed is compromised. Hence gaming platforms do not support OpenType specifications. Reverie’s Unity Font SDK is a display SDK which enables Unity Game Developers to render complex Indian languages. It uses proprietary scalable TrueType fonts.

Scientifically-accurate fonts

Reverie Unity Font SDK uses proprietary TrueType fonts along with composition engine which ensures proper reordering and composition of complex Indian script characters. Since the SDK does not use OpenType fonts, it ensures the rendering speed is not compromised.

Multilingual fonts
Unity localization

Lightweight engine

Each font is developed ground-up by Reverie to enhance memory optimization and hasten on-screen rendering time – crucial to offering an immersive gaming experience.

Unity localization

Precise rendering

Indic scripts are rendered precisely and accurately with our text rendering engine, which is attuned to the complexities of local-language scripts. It enables Unity game developers to publish their games in Indian languages without compromising on the speed of rendering.

Unity game localization
Unity localization system

Supports 16 Indic languages

The Unity Font SDK accurately supports 16 local languages with uncompromised rendering of complex scripts and their nuances

Unity localization system

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BIS Font Suite

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mandates that mobile devices marketed in the country support all 22 official Indian languages. The BIS Font Display Suite enables feature phone OEMs to do just that, with the added benefit of best-in-class quality and seamless integration.

Low-memory footprint

Our bitmap font solution is highly optimized to operate on minimal RAM, freeing up space for other crucial functions and applications.

Multilingual fonts for BIS
Unity game localization

Accurate rendering

Our text rendering engine, which has been perfected over time, is attuned to the complexities of Indic scripts and renders precise compositions.

Unity game localization

Seamless integration

This suite is designed to work seamlessly with both popular feature phone platforms – Spreadtrum and Mediatek – and provides support for 22 languages on different screen sizes.

Multilingual fonts integration

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