Language Inclusion is
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Embracing language inclusion through text, voice, and video localisation helps governments and businesses connect with diverse audiences, paving the way for greater market reach and enhanced user experiences across markets.

Over a Decade of AI R&D Efforts to Bring you the Right Language Tools

Pioneering language solutions for a decade, Reverie Language Technologies Limited delivers cutting-edge tools, ensuring precise communication and accessibility across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Serving the Underserved through Digital Language Inclusion

Empower your business and enhance government-citizen connections using AI-driven multilingual solutions. Improve engagement, reach digitally underserved communities, and boost online satisfaction. Get started on your linguistic digital transformation journey with Reverie today!

Championing Language Equality on the Internet: Touching Millions of Lives

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Founder’s Vision: Pioneering Language Equality Online

Discover our founders’ commitment to language equality online, envisioning a digital world where all languages thrive.


What language solutions does Reverie provide?

Reverie focuses on language solutions, offering text, voice, and video localisation automation.

  • Text Localisation involves automating localisation of written content, adapting it culturally, and ensuring it’s suitable for the target audience’s language and context. This could be for websites, apps, SMSes, eMails, notifications, citizen centric communication, or any text-based material.
  • Voice Solutions encompass native language voice tech for voice bots, search tools, device input facilitating interaction and integration across platforms and devices.
  • Video Localisation involves both text and voice elements, aiming to adapt video content to suit different language-speaking audiences. This includes subtitles, captions, and automated voice-over services to make the video accessible to diverse viewers.
What kind of technical expertise and language solutions does Reverie Provide?

Anuvadak (Website/ App Localisation & Multilingual Domain Management Platform)
Anuvadak facilitates accurate and contextually relevant website text translation and multilingual website management, enabling businesses and governments to expand their reach by effectively communicating with diverse language-speaking audiences, fostering inclusivity and wider market penetration.

IndoCord, Reverie’s no-code bot builder, empowers users without tech skills to craft versatile voice and chatbots. Easily create bot flows for feedback, info dissemination, and more, revolutionizing interaction possibilities effortlessly in multiple Indian languages.

Prabandhak (Translation Project Management Platform)
Prabandhak supports Translation Management that streamlines content localization workflows, enabling efficient management of multilingual content and resources, ensuring consistency across platforms, and saving time, resources, and effort for businesses and governments.

Translation API
The Translation API automates and integrates translation processes into applications or systems, enabling real-time language conversion and fostering seamless multilingual user experiences, enhancing user engagement and market expansion.

Transliteration API
The Transliteration API simplifies the conversion of text between scripts, easing cross-script communication, improving accessibility, and enabling businesses to cater to audiences comfortable with different writing systems.

The Speech-to-Text solution converts spoken language into written text, facilitating accessibility, enabling transcription of content for various applications, and enhancing user experience in voice-driven interfaces or content creation.

The Text-to-Speech solution converts written text into natural-sounding speech, enhancing accessibility, improving user engagement, and enabling businesses to create inclusive, voice-enabled applications and services for a wider audience.

What is the process of tech planning and integration applied at Reverie?

Assessment and Tech Selection
We begin by assessing the specific requirements of the localisation project and identifying the best-suited technologies for translation, localisation, and content management. Choose tools that align with the project scope, budget, and scalability needs.

Integration Strategy
Plan how different technologies will integrate seamlessly within the existing infrastructure. This involves evaluating compatibility, APIs, and the ability to work cohesively with current systems or platforms used by the government or business.

Testing and Pilot Phases
Before full integration, conduct testing and pilot phases to ensure the selected technologies function correctly, meeting the localisation goals effectively. This phase helps identify any issues or areas for improvement before full deployment.

Training and Adoption
Train and facilitate the adoption of API, tech modules, CAT tools, and domain-specific NMT for various verticals. This ensures a seamless transition, maximizing these tools’ potential for efficient localisation processes within specific industries.

Continuous Evaluation and Optimization
Regularly assess the performance of the integrated technologies, gather feedback from users, and stay updated with advancements. This ongoing evaluation allows for optimizations and adjustments to enhance efficiency and accuracy in language localisation endeavors.


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Reverie Language Technologies Limited, a leader in Indian language localisation and user engagement technology solutions for over a decade, is working towards a vision to create Language Equality on the Internet.

Reverie’s language practice is dedicated to helping clients future-proof their rapidly expanding content by combining cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes.

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