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Reverie Elevates a Leading Insurance Firm’s Website Capabilities with Indian Language Support

Enhancing the website’s multilingual capabilities while ensuring a seamless user experience across various languages.

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Key BFSI Trends of 2023-2028 You Should Keep an Eye On

Multilingual Customer Support
Multilingual Customer Support

In the years 2023 to 2028, the BFSI sector in India will increasingly prioritize the provision of multilingual customer support, Indian Language Bots for efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, and streamlined onboarding processes. This strategic shift is aimed at better catering to the diverse linguistic preferences of customers. 

Indigenous Language Apps
Indigenous Language Apps

BFSI institutions will actively develop and expand Indian language apps during this period, focusing on making digital BFSI communication more accessible to the Indian population. These apps will be designed to support multiple regional languages, making it simpler for users to navigate, conduct transactions, and access financial information in their language of choice.

Language Inclusion Mandate
Language Inclusion Mandate

Regulatory authorities are poised to prioritize language inclusion in banking and financial services over the coming years. Banks and financial institutions will be required to adhere to guidelines and standards that promote language diversity and accessibility. This will ensure that financial services remain accessible to a broader segment of the Indian population, furthering financial inclusion efforts.

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Noor Fatima

Integrating Reverie Language Technologies Limited’ suite transformed our virtual banks at Easiofy. The multilingual speech functionality, powered by STT, NLP, and TTS, reshaped user interaction. Our banking avatars now speak authentically in 22 languages, synchronized seamlessly for a realistic, engaging experience. Reverie’s solutions indeed redefine multilingual communication.

Noor Fathima

Chief Technology Officer, Easiofy Solutions

Embrace Multilingual Tech for Smoother Digital BFSI Experiences

What is Localisation for BFSI?
Speak Your Customer's Language

Reverie’s localisation ensures that the BFSI segment speaks its customer’s language, providing a seamless user experience and boosting engagement.

Omnichannel Connection

Communicate in your customer’s language across all channels. Enhance engagement and deliver a cohesive user experience.

Chat Like a Local

Enhance customer satisfaction and build trust with native language chat and voice support. It’s all about personalized service in your customer’s language.

Build Bots that Show you Care

Streamline customer interactions with multilingual chatbots and voice bots. Get speedy responses and happier customers.

Create Content that Clicks

Customize your text content to captivate diverse audiences. Drive engagement and conversions with culturally adapted materials.

Search Smarter, Watch Wider

Make it easy for customers to find what they need in their language. Broaden your reach with video localisation that connects.

Why is localisation important in BFSI?
Enhanced User Experience

Localization tailors services to specific regions, offering content, products, and services in languages familiar to users, fosters ease of understanding and accessibility, leading to a more engaging and comfortable experience.

Market Expansion

By reaching diverse linguistic demographics, BFSI institutions can tap into new markets and attract a broader customer base, fueling growth and expansion opportunities.

Trust and Credibility

Providing content in local languages cultivates trust. It demonstrates commitment to understanding and respecting the cultural nuances of users, reinforcing credibility and reliability.

Effective Communication

Clear, localized communication facilitates better interaction between financial institutions and customers, reducing misunderstandings and improving overall communication effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance

In BFSI, adherence to local language requirements is often a regulatory necessity. Compliance with linguistic regulations ensures legal alignment and avoids potential penalties or obstacles.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering services in familiar languages elevates customer satisfaction, contributing significantly to long-term loyalty and positive brand association.

What’s included?
Swift Integration

Reverie offers a treasure trove of SDKs and libraries, making the incorporation of language solutions into your systems a breeze, ensuring a slick and effortless integration process.

Total Language Power

We’ve got your back in the language game. Reverie doesn’t just break language barriers; we’re here to supercharge your acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies, paving the way for long-term business supremacy.

Comprehensive Docs

Our detailed resources are your secret weapon for a no-hassle integration. They’ll save you time and resources, giving you that smooth, ultra-professional post-deployment experience.

Language Gurus on Your Side

Our team of language specialists guide you every step of the way. They ensure that your communication is not just on point but culturally relevant, creating that impactful, trendy edge that drives business success.

Deployment, Your Way

Choose your battlefield – cloud or on-premise. Reverie gives you the flexibility to tailor your language solutions to your exact requirements and preferences, ensuring a strategic edge.

Arvind Pani

Customers' Language Preference should be recorded as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) mandate.

Arvind Pani

CoFounder CEO, Reverie

Ensuring safety and security of corporate data

Reverie’s solutions safeguard corporate data through advanced encryption and sturdy security measures, providing defense against potential threats and breaches, and ensuring data remains confidential and secure.


Reverie employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques to shield sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Reverie delivers high-end data security tailored to the demands of large-scale enterprises, combining technology with rigorous protocols to safeguard valuable information from all potential risks.

Market-Leading Privacy Standards

Reverie sets the benchmark for privacy in the industry, adhering to and surpassing the most stringent privacy standards to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data. Our commitment to privacy excellence sets us apart in the market, providing peace of mind in regards to data.

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