Get Accurate Transcriptions With Automated Speech Recognition

Leverage Speech-to-text API to quickly transcribe audio into text to analyze meetings, phone calls, podcasts, live audio streams, and other voice data.

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These Companies Are Investing In Next-gen Speech-to-text Solutions

Ministry of Education
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Empowering Scalable Video Localisation for the Education Industry: A Reverie Revolution

Localisation of 2000+ hours of digital video content into 11 Indian languages; Overcoming hurdles of volume, slow turnaround, maintaining quality, and handling linguistic nuances in localizing vast video content.

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Speech-to-text API. Enable the Power of Voice. What Businesses Can Achieve?

Create the most accurate transcripts from voice data. Reverie’s Speech-to-text API helps your business convert voice data into written text in 11 Indian languages with our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model. Enable the power of voice typing allowing users to enter text by speaking or quickly build written assets from voice data such as customer calls, virtual meetings, podcasts, and voice recordings and easily improve your products and services with insights from customer interactions.

Get insights by instantly transcribing calls into texts

With Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), get precise and real-time conversion of customer calls into texts in 11 different Indian languages.

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Enable users to search for information using voice commands

Easily integrate and handle high volume of voice inputs with keyword spotting and profanity filter features for users to search information using voice commands.

Make data-driven decisions with sentiment analysis

With a flexible audio input and IVR readiness, analyze live and recorded conversations to improve response time and customer experience.

Express Compute

Reverie's solution for a leading automobile firm brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend of Hindi and English commands is truly remarkable, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences...

Express Computer

Speech-to-text API - Build for the growth of Indian businesses with AI-powered speech recognition

Our 145+ brands from startups, to government agencies, and enterprise players are experiencing improved customer satisfaction.


Pricing Plans That Suit Your Business

We offer a range of pricing plans to fit every budget. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan that suits your needs.


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Accelerate time to value with unrivalled Reverie expertise low code deployment with extensive developer’s documentation.

Reverie’s Speech-to-text API Accelerates Growth For All Kinds of Business


Overall Improvement in Sales


Lead Generation


Reduction in operational costs


Increase in CSAT


Reduce in Dev Time

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Speech-to-text API FAQs Answered

How does Speech-to-text API work?

Speech-to-text API when integrated into any system or device works by listening to audio and delivering an editable, verbatim transcript. The Reverie’s STT API can perform this action through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Is Speech-to-text API secure for sensitive data?

Yes. Reverie’s Speech-to-text API prioritizes data security. It adheres to robust encryption standards, ensuring the confidentiality of information and compliance with privacy regulations.

Can Speech-to-text API handle multiple languages?

Reverie’s STT API supports 11 official Indian languages – 11 languages here, allowing seamless and automated conversion from spoken words to written texts. Not only accurate transcription, the STT API also automatically adds punctuation and formats the transcribed text across diverse linguistic landscapes to meet the needs of nationwide communication.

What types of businesses benefit from the Speech-to-text API?

Reverie’s Speech-to-text API caters to 10+ industries, benefiting enterprises, small businesses, and government agencies by breaking language barriers, fostering collaboration, and expanding their reach nationwide.

Is Speech-to-text API available on cloud or premise?

Our Speech-to-text API is available on both cloud and premise. The API will automate your process of converting spoken words into written texts helping your products and services fit into any marketplace, local or otherwise to spark engagement and increase ROI.

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