Maximize impact by localizing websites—an asset for customer interaction. Tailoring content engages diverse audiences, fostering connections and broadening market reach for enterprises while enhancing government communication.

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Reverie Elevates a Leading Insurance Firm’s Website Capabilities with Indian Language Support

Enhancing the website’s multilingual capabilities while ensuring a seamless user experience across various languages.

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Elevate user experience with our suite of Indian Languages’ inspired localisation tools: automated translation, voice-activated search, web reading, and an intuitive bot builder with typing assistance.

Localisation & Translation
Localisation & Translation
Voice Search
Voice Search
Web Reader
Web Reader
Bot Builder (Voice & Chat) & Typing Tool
Bot Builder (Voice & Chat) & Typing Tool
Localise for Success

Tailored Localisation for Enhanced Impact

Expand market presence effortlessly by connecting with diverse audiences through region-specific content, amplifying engagement and driving growth.

Localized metatags, target specific keywords to influence search engine rankings. Increases the chances of better visibility of your website in different regions. 

Streamline operations and optimize investments by tailoring content, enhancing user experience, and capitalizing on market-specific trends efficiently.

Voice Commerce

Enabling Voice Search, Enhancing Customer Engagement

Enable users to browse and buy hands-free, streamlining the purchasing process, boosting convenience, and encouraging repeat transactions.

Offer tailored product suggestions via voice search, enhancing user satisfaction, and driving higher conversion rates through targeted marketing.

Access new customer segments, including those less comfortable with text-based interactions, opening gates to broader market potential and driving revenue growth.

Rev Up Your Localisation

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Bot Enablement

Streamlining Lead Generation || Customer Support || Citizen Service

Empowering businesses and governments without technical expertise to create sophisticated chat and voice bots, reducing operational complexity and fostering efficient customer service.

Cut development costs and time by utilizing an intuitive builder, allowing quick deployment of bots for enhanced customer engagement and streamlined internal processes. 

Accelerate implementation with a low-code, no-code platform, enabling swift bot creation, modification, and adaptation to evolving needs without developer dependency.

Hear The Web

Empowering Accessibility & Convenience

Enable visually impaired individuals and those with reading difficulties to access online content seamlessly, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Cater to users preferring auditory information consumption, enhancing convenience, multitasking capabilities, and improving overall user experience.

Reach a wider audience by providing a versatile content consumption option, promoting longer site visits and increased interaction, enriching user engagement.

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