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Tailor personalized Indian language Voice and Chatbots powered by Conversational AI, requiring minimal to no coding, ensuring effortless integration and ease of use. 

IndoCord: The Game-Changer in the Bot-Building Landscape

Overcome language barriers, high costs, and inadequate support, ensuring top-notch customer and citizen experiences. Build tailored bots, providing 24/7 assistance, cutting operational costs, ensuring security, and delivering scalable intelligent interactions. 

Agile Adaptability

Empowering businesses to pivot without specialized skills

Reverie’s no-code platform empowers users to craft personalized Indian Language bots without technical know-how. This user-friendly interface enables swift modifications, allowing seamless adjustments and updates to the bot’s functionalities without requiring programming expertise.

Reverie offers industry-specific templates tailored to unique business requirements. These customizable solutions cater to diverse industries, ensuring specialized functionalities that align precisely with specific business needs.

Reverie’s platform boasts adaptability to dynamic business environments. Its scalable nature facilitates smooth transitions and modifications, accommodating changes in business strategies, scaling operations, and evolving demands effortlessly.

Elevated Engagement

Generative AI Integration and Indian language Support

Reverie seamlessly incorporates Generative AI, enriching user loyalty with intelligent and context-aware responses. This integration enables sophisticated communication, fostering trust and loyalty among government and enterprise users.

Reverie’s platform offers comprehensive multilingual support, enabling seamless interactions in multiple languages. Governments and enterprises benefit from broad language coverage, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for diverse user bases, fostering a widespread regional connected user experience.

Reverie prioritizes an enhanced user experience, ensuring meaningful interactions that deepen engagement for government and enterprise users. This focus on meaningful engagement fosters stronger relationships and user satisfaction.

Secure, Customizable & Inclusive

Customizable, secure environment for diverse and personalized interactions

Reverie prioritizes data security with robust authentication and encryption measures. For businesses and government entities, this focus ensures stringent protection of sensitive information, instilling trust through fortified security protocols and safeguarding against potential threats.

Reverie provides a fully customizable environment, empowering businesses and government bodies to curate personalized customer experiences. This adaptability allows for tailored engagements, fostering deeper connections by aligning services precisely with diverse user needs and preferences.

Reverie ensures adherence to regulatory standards, offering solutions tailored to meet specific industry and government compliance requirements. This focus on compliance assures businesses and government agencies of operating within legal frameworks, mitigating risks, and fostering trust among stakeholders.

Amplify the Power of IndoCord with Reverie’s APIs & Typing Tools

Reverie’s suite of APIs and typing tools is purpose-built to elevate IndoCord’s potential, offering streamlined integration and enhanced functionality to optimize user experiences.


Reverie's Speech-to-Text API empowers IndoCord by converting spoken words into text, enhancing the platform's voice bot capabilities.

  • Accurate Transcription
    Enables voice interaction, converting spoken commands into accurate text inputs for bots.
  • Seamless Voice Integration
    Enhances user experience by enabling natural voice interactions within chatbots.

  • Multilingual Support
    Ensures effective communication by transcribing multiple Indian languages accurately.


Reverie's Text-to-Speech API enriches IndoCord by converting written text into spoken words, enhancing the platform's voice capabilities.

  • Adaptive and Real-time Processing
    Employs adaptive technology for real-time processing, ensuring dynamic adjustments to pacing, tone, and emphasis. 

  • Customizable Voice Generation
     Allows businesses to tailor voice outputs (male/female voices) according to brand requirements.

  • Multiple Language Support
    Delivers spoken content in various languages, broadening reach and accessibility.

Natural Language
Understanding (NLU)

Reverie's Natural Language Understanding API empowers IndoCord by deciphering user intent from inputs, enhancing bot comprehension.

  • Accurate Intent Recognition
    Enables bots to understand and respond contextually to user queries.
  • Enhanced User Interaction
    Improves conversational flow by comprehending user intentions accurately.
  • Personalized Responses
    Allows for tailored responses based on a nuanced understanding of user queries.
Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Reverie's Neural Machine Translation API enriches IndoCord by facilitating seamless translation between languages.

  • Efficient Language Translation 
    Allows for fluid communication by translating text inputs accurately.
  • Cross-Lingual Conversations
    Enables multilingual bots, fostering communication across diverse language speakers.
  • Real-time Translation
    Facilitates instantaneous translation, enhancing multiregional user engagement.
Indic Typing Tool

Reverie's Indian Language Typing Tool API enhances IndoCord's capabilities by offering simplified typing experiences for Indic languages.

  • Enhanced Indic Language Support
    Facilitates easier typing experiences in Indic languages, broadening accessibility.
  • Improved User Input
    Allows users to input Indic text more efficiently, improving communication with the bot.
  • Wider Inclusivity
    Encourages diverse linguistic interactions, catering to a broader user base.

Deliver Round-the-Clock Automated Customer Support Across Channels

24/7 automated support, ensuring consistent and efficient assistance to customers across various platforms, enhancing accessibility and satisfaction.



Overall Improvement in Sales


Lead Generations


Reduction in operational costs


Increase in CSAT


Reduction in Development Time


Our Voice-first Communication AI Platform is focused on enabling businesses and governments to engage their end users in their natural dialect and do so at a population scale with reduced costs. We are innovating at all technology stack layers to enable this for all 22 Indian languages and their dialects.

Mayuresh A. Nirhali

Head of Engineering & Products, 


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What features should I look for in a bot-building platform?

Look for no-code interfaces, NLP capabilities, multi-platform integration, scalability, security, and analytics. IndoCord offers a no-code approach, advanced NLP models, scalability, robust security measures, and actionable analytics, making it a comprehensive bot-building solution.

What features should I include in a voice bot?

Voice bots benefit from natural language understanding, speech-to-text capabilities, multilingual support, and personalized voice outputs. IndoCord provides voice bot functionalities like STT, TTS, NLU, and multilingual conversational capabilities, ensuring engaging and effective voice interactions basis a pre-defined voice bot flow. 

What is a customer service chatbot?

A customer service chatbot is an AI-driven tool that interacts with customers, answering queries, offering support, and guiding them through various services or products. IndoCord offers robust AI capabilities, enabling personalized interactions and swift problem resolution in customer service.

What should I include while building a chatbot?

While building a chatbot, focus on clear communication, personalized responses, seamless integration across platforms, and a robust NLP engine. IndoCord’s toolkit ensures easy customization, diverse platform integration, and advanced NLP for effective chatbot development.

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