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Empowering Scalable Video Localisation for the Education Industry: A Reverie Revolution

Localisation of 2000+ hours of digital video content into 11 Indian languages; Overcoming hurdles of volume, slow turnaround, maintaining quality, and handling linguistic nuances in localizing vast video content.

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AI-Powered Language Localisation for Modern Administrations


Solutions at Reverie exhibit unparalleled adaptability, effortlessly embracing diverse languages and subtle nuances. Customized to meet every requirement, they redefine governmental connectivity, ensuring seamless communication across varied linguistic landscapes.

Custom Tailored
Custom Tailored

Empowering the government’s voice with precision-fitted tools. From official documents to applications and websites, our customizable solutions resonate, preserving cultural essence while addressing diverse audiences.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Powered by AI, our solutions seamlessly integrate into existing governmental frameworks. Bolstered by continuous Machine Learning, they provide impeccable translations and localisation in voice, text, and video, augmenting government efficiency and effectiveness.

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Mr. Abhishek Singh

Taking a commendable step to reach out to the majority of the population of India that doesn’t understand English, the Government of India leveraged Anuvadak’s technology to translate and publish the MyGov Covid-19 page in 10 different languages. This is a powerful move to make valuable and life-saving information available to the general public.

Mr. Abhishek Singh

Additional Secretary, MeitY, President & CEO NeGD, MD & CEO Digital India Corporation (DIC)

Thanked Reverie on Twitter for translating’s page in local languages.

Transforming Government Connectivity & Engagement

Efficient, Transparent, Diplomatic & Engaging 

Inclusive Government

Government Digital Localisation Suite

Transform government digital ecosystems through Indian language website and app localisation, boosting citizen engagement and accessibility.

Offer access to essential services in citizens’ preferred languages, fostering inclusivity and ensuring all individuals can engage effortlessly with government platforms. Facilitate easy navigation and understanding of government resources and information, increasing service utilization and citizen satisfaction. Bridge language barriers, enabling diverse communities to engage with government services online, promoting digital inclusivity and equity.

Transparent Governance

Public Service Communication Enabler

Empowering governments to effectively disseminate critical information via localized public service announcements and legal documentation.

Provide legal and service-related information in citizens’ native languages, promoting transparency, understanding, and adherence to laws and regulations. Communicate important government messages effectively to diverse linguistic communities, ensuring maximum reach and comprehension. Enable citizens to access critical information in their preferred language, enhancing awareness, compliance, and informed decision-making.

Efficient Communication

Streamlining Government to Citizen Communication

Bolstering government-citizen dialogue by bridging language gaps & honoring cultural nuances with tailored Voice & Chat Bot tech for G2C. Enable clear, precise exchanges ensuring mutual understanding, fostering respect. Facilitate efficient, localized interactions promoting stronger relations, bolstering citizen trust.

Efficient Communication

Safeguarding Government Data

Fortified, Future-Ready Governance


Reverie deploys MFA and strict access controls to protect government data from unauthorized access.


Reverie ensures government data security, adhering rigorously to industry standards and legal regulations.


Reverie employs real-time threat detection, proactively monitoring to safeguard government data against potential security risks.

Localizing Government's Digital Presence

Explore our comprehensive language localisation solutions for seamless communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. Take the first step towards fostering stronger connections with citizens in their preferred languages.

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