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Reverie Transforms In-Car Voice Assistants with Multilingual Speech Technology

Deploying efficient speech-to-text technology in cars amid diverse and noisy environments, accommodating multiple speakers, and limited memory resources within automotive systems. 

Tailored Language Technologies Aligned with Enterprise Objectives

Custom-made Communication
Custom-made Communication

 Language solutions are meticulously crafted to ensure effective communication that resonates with the Indian audience.

Scalable Impact
Scalable Impact

Technology we provide supports the flexibility to adapt as an enterprise expands, keeping your goals at the forefront. 

ROI-Driven Strategies
ROI-Driven Strategies

Reverie’s language solutions prioritize delivering measurable results, driving ROI by helping your enterprise reach its growth milestones efficiently.

Enhance Digital CX

Grow Your Customer Base

Website & App Localisation Solutions

Digital Spaces that speak your customer’s language

Connect with your audience on a personal level by speaking the language of their heart. Reverie’s comprehensive language solutions for the web include website translation and management, chat and voice bots that are fluent in multiple Indian languages and a web reader that makes content accessible to all. By breaking down language barriers, you enhance user experience and expand your reach effortlessly using your multilingual website.

Multilingual Voicebots
& Chatbots
Website & App
Localisation & Translation
Multilingual Search
(Voice & Text)
Multilingual Web
Reverie for Enterprises
Multilingual Omnichannel Solutions

Seamless multilingual engagement across all channels

Providing customer support in a customer’s native language is crucial. 70% of customers remain loyal to companies that offer support in their mother tongue. Reverie’s omni-channel solutions enable you to connect with your audience effectively through various communication channels. This includes emails, notifications, SMS, and in-app messaging, whatsapp, and others, all personalized in the customer’s preferred language. From websites, apps to social media and support, our comprehensive approach breaks language barriers, enhancing customer loyalty, and ensuring business success by connecting with your diverse customer base.

Multilingual Bots (Chat & Voice)
Custom-tailored Solutions

Solutions that Align with your Workflow

Reverie’s custom language solutions offer businesses a tailored approach to multilingual communication. With ease of integration, these solutions seamlessly adapt to your existing systems and processes. They ensure compatibility across platforms, scale effortlessly with your growing needs, and operate with maximum efficiency. With functionality being at the core, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction is our supreme value add. Whether you’re reaching new markets or strengthening connections with diverse audiences, Reverie’s custom language solutions prepare you for business success.

Reverie Enterprises solutions

Ensuring safety and security of corporate data

Reverie’s solutions safeguard corporate data through advanced encryption and sturdy security measures, providing defense against potential threats and breaches, and ensuring data remains confidential and secure.


Reverie employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques to shield sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Reverie delivers high-end data security tailored to the demands of large-scale enterprises, combining technology with rigorous protocols to safeguard valuable information from all potential risks.

Market-Leading Privacy Standards

Reverie sets the benchmark for privacy in the industry, adhering to and surpassing the most stringent privacy standards to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data. Our commitment to privacy excellence sets us apart in the market, providing peace of mind in regards to data.

Get more customer lifetime value

Enhance your investment returns with Reverie’s language solutions, leveraging linguistic insights to make informed financial decisions and earn more from your investments.

Anuvadak Developer
Express Compute

Reverie's solution for a leading automobile firm brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend of Hindi and English commands is truly remarkable, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences...

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Reverie’s solution for a leading automobile firm brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend of Hindi and English commands is truly remarkable, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences. From managing in-car systems and fine-tuning radios to facilitating hands-free calls, the voice assistant excels in diverse tasks. Its versatility shines through key use cases, spanning music and radio control, system commands, and specific vehicle controls. Reverie’s multilingual interface undoubtedly demonstrates innovation and practicality at its finest.

Express Compute

Media House

Express Computer

Media House

Noor Fatima

Integrating Reverie Language Technologies Limited’ suite transformed our virtual banks at Easiofy. The multilingual speech functionality, powered by STT, NLP, and TTS, reshaped user interaction. Our banking avatars now speak authentically in 22 languages, synchronized seamlessly for a realistic, engaging experience. Reverie’s solutions indeed redefine multilingual communication.

Noor Fathima
Chief Technology Officer, 

Easiofy Solutions

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