Automated Speech Generation Multiple Voices and Accents

Convert text into natural-sounding speech using Text-to-speech API powered by AI-driven technologies.

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Ministry of Education
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Reverie Enables Multilingual Text & Voice Integration for Set-top Box

Language barriers hindered Set-top Box sales and user engagement, limiting market expansion in India.

Text-to-speech API. Unique Voice That Represents Your Brand. What Businesses Can Achieve?

Improve your brand’s customer interactions with unique and human-like responses that cater to user preferences of voice and language. Reverie’s Text-to-speech API deploys groundbreaking AI technology to automatically convert any written text into spoken words in 11 Indian languages and accents. With TTS API, businesses can tailor voices to match their brand’s personality with precise control over word pronunciations for accurate speech synthesis. TTS API integration provides businesses with IVR technology that can successfully automate several aspects of customer interactions, optimize customer support, and enhance customer engagement.

Effortlessly craft customizable audio, saving time and resources

With flexible audio formats and pause and break management, create audio content such as audiobooks and podcasts with tailored voices that match your requirements.

Seamless integration to quickly create personalized voice assistants

Create personalized voice assistants that can interact with users in natural-sounding voices, including smart home devices, virtual assistants, and chatbots.

Deliver automated and lifelike audio responses for an immersive CX

Increase your response time and reduce your workload with TTS API which handles high volumes of customer input and provides automated responses.

Noor Fatima

Integrating Reverie Language Technologies Limited’ suite transformed our virtual banks at Easiofy. The multilingual speech functionality, powered by STT, NLP, and TTS, reshaped user interaction. Our banking avatars now speak authentically in 22 languages, synchronized seamlessly for a realistic, engaging experience. Reverie’s solutions indeed redefine multilingual communication.

Noor Fathima
Chief Technology Officer, 

Easiofy Solutions

Text-to-speech API - Voice Narration Made Easy Deploy Human-like Voices in Multiple Languages

Our 145+ brands from startups, to government agencies, and enterprise players are experiencing improved customer satisfaction.


Pricing Plans That Suit Your Business

We offer a range of pricing plans to fit every budget. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan that suits your needs.

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Accelerate time to value with unrivalled Reverie expertise on low code deployment with extensive developer’s documentation.

Ramachandran Ramanathan

Reverie’s expertise in Indian language technologies and solutions make them a perfect fit for Boonbox where ‘local’ is the default option and the only way to build customer trust...

Ramachandran Ramanathan

Co-Founder & CEO, 


Reverie’s Text-to-speech API Accelerates Growth For All Kinds Of Business


Improvement in sales


Lead generation


Reduction in operational cost


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction in deployment time

Offer Multilingual Voice Experiences in Real Time Integrate India’s #1 Text-to-speech API Into Your Brand

Offer Multilingual Voice Experiences in Real Time Integrate India’s #1 Text-to-speech API Into Your Brand

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Text to speech API FAQs Answered

How does Text-to-speech API work?

When the Text-to-speech API is integrated with your website, app, or any device, it reads written words out loud, so users who are interacting with your brand don’t have to read them themselves. Simply put, TTS API turns text into spoken words, making it easier to listen to things like articles, books, or messages.

Is Text-to-speech API secure for sensitive data?

Yes. Reverie’s TTS API prioritizes data security. It prioritizes maximum data security and privacy, ensuring your sensitive data remains safeguarded while adhering to industry security standards.

Can Text-to-speech API handle multiple languages?

Absolutely. Reverie’s TTS API supports 11 official Indian languages – 11 languages here, allowing seamless and automated conversion from written words to audio across diverse linguistic landscapes to meet the needs of nationwide communication.

What types of businesses benefit from the Text-to-speech API?

Reverie’s TTS API caters to 10+ industries, benefiting enterprises, small businesses, and government agencies by breaking language barriers, fostering collaboration, and expanding their reach nationwide.

Is Text-to-speech API available on cloud or premise?

Our TTS API is available on both cloud and premise. Text-to-speech API will automate your process of converting written words to audio, helping you enhance your customer experience, and fit your products and services into any marketplace, local or otherwise to spark engagement and increase ROI.

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