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We, at Pragmatech, are pioneering women's health, particularly in the domain of Cervical cancer. We sought Reverie’s expertise in translating and providing voice-over services for our user manual. The translations were precise, and the voice-over work displayed remarkable empathy and modulation.

Anirban Palit,

Managing Director, Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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Customer Success stories

Reverie Enables Multilingual Text & Voice Integration for Set-top Box

Language barriers hindered Set-top Box sales and user engagement, limiting market expansion in India.

Harness the Power of Reverie’s Voice Solutions


Increase in CSAT

Elevate customer satisfaction, with voice solutions ensuring a remarkable increase in CSAT.


Lead Generation

Empower lead generation strategies with voice solutions, fostering substantial business growth.


Reduction in operational costs

Optimize efficiency and lower operational expenses significantly with Voice Solutions.

Reverie's solution for a leading automobile firm brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend...

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Reverie’s solution for a leading automobile firm brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend of Hindi and English commands is truly remarkable, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences. From managing in-car systems and fine-tuning radios to facilitating hands-free calls, the voice assistant excels in diverse tasks. Its versatility shines through key use cases, spanning music and radio control, system commands, and specific vehicle controls. Reverie’s multilingual interface undoubtedly demonstrates innovation and practicality at its finest.

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Voice Solutions FAQs

What is voice search, and how can it benefit a business?

Voice search enables users to share queries on enterprise and government-citizen platforms or perform tasks via spoken commands.


  • Increases accessibility and convenience for users.
  • Enhances customer experience by providing faster and more natural interactions.
  • Boosts visibility and SEO by adapting to voice-centric search queries.
  • Drives higher engagement and potentially increases sales through voice-activated services.
How can voice search benefit a government sector?
  • Assists citizens in accessing essential information and services more easily.
  • Enhances inclusivity by catering to individuals with various abilities or literacy levels.
  • Facilitates quick dissemination of critical information or alerts during emergencies.
  • Enables citizens to interact with government services more intuitively, increasing engagement.
Reverie’s Voice Solutions in Virtual Assistants - Explained

Reverie’s Voice Solutions utilizes AI to power virtual assistants, enabling seamless voice interactions. 


  • Perform tasks like playing music, controlling devices, accessing information, and more via voice commands.
  • Incorporates AI-based natural language processing for human-like responses.
  • Tailored for businesses and governments seeking efficient voice-driven solutions.
How to use voice solutions in creating a voice bot?

Development Process

  • Determine bot functionality and objectives based on user needs.
  • Integrate Speech-to-Text (STT) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies.
  • Develop responses using Text-to-Speech (TTS) to provide human-like interaction.
  • Test thoroughly to ensure accurate understanding and smooth interactions.
How can a business or government benefit from read-aloud technology?

Government Benefits of Read-Aloud Technology

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Assists in disseminating crucial government information to citizens with varying literacy levels or disabilities.
  • Enhanced Communication: Ensures vital information reaches citizens effectively, improving engagement and understanding.
  • Emergency Notifications: Facilitates quick distribution of alerts or emergency messages in an accessible format.
  • Transparent Governance: Enhances transparency by making official documents or policies accessible to a wider audience.

Business Benefits of Read-Aloud Technology

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Enables businesses to reach audiences with diverse abilities or those preferring auditory content.
  • Improved User Experience: Enhances engagement by offering content in a more interactive and accessible manner.
  • Extended Reach: Facilitates communication of crucial information to a wider audience, including those with limited reading abilities.
  • Content Adaptation: Enables the transformation of written content into audio format, making it accessible on various platforms like websites, apps, or devices.

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