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Reverie Empowers a Leading Automobile Brand to Seamlessly Localize Digital Assets and Enhance User Engagement

Localisation of 2000+ hours of digital video content into 11 Indian languages; Overcoming hurdles of volume, slow turnaround, maintaining quality, and handling linguistic nuances in localizing vast video content.

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Anticipated Shifts in eLearning: Trends Over the Next Five Years

Fulfilling the National Education Policy
Fulfilling the National Education Policy

Language localization trends align with India’s National Education Policy, emphasizing multilingual education access and inclusive learning environments for diverse linguistic communities, bridging educational gaps and promoting equity. 

Multilingual Learning Ecosystems
Multilingual Learning Ecosystems

Foresee the development of specialized tools, like Multilingual PDF readers, aiding in searching, indexing, and analyzing educational content in Indian languages, promoting seamless learning experiences.

Government Collaborations for Inclusive Education
Government Collaborations for Inclusive Education

Anticipate increased partnerships between educational entities and government bodies to localize educational content in regional languages, ensuring broader accessibility and inclusivity.

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Transforming Learning Landscapes Enriching Education through Linguistic Innovation

What does language localisation mean for the eLearning industry?
Expanding Accessibility

Enabling Indian language support in e-books and lecture materials allows non-English speaking students to access educational resources, facilitating comprehension of complex subjects.

Cultural Relevance

Indian language support facilitates the cultural customization of educational content, ensuring that it aligns with the cultural nuances and preferences of Indian students. This enhances the relatability of the content, leading to increased engagement and resonance.

Video localisation

Adding Indian language subtitles, captions, voiceovers, and culturally relevant content, educational videos become accessible, engaging diverse students across subjects like biology or history seamlessly.

Personalized Communication

Utilizing Indian languages in social media campaigns tailored for specific regional festivals or cultural events enhances student engagement and connection with the institution.

Customized Bot Solutions

Developing Indian language voice bots for interactive learning sessions aids students in seeking instant clarifications in their preferred language.

STEM Accessibility

Translating engineering textbooks or mathematical problem sets into Indian languages enables students from diverse linguistic backgrounds to grasp fundamental STEM concepts effectively.

What is the significance of Language Localisation in the eLearning industry?
Tailored Learning

Localization goes beyond translation; it involves adapting content to suit the learning preferences of different cultures. This customization can involve changing examples, or even instructional methods to resonate better with the target audience, enhancing learning effectiveness.

Enhanced User Experience

 A localized interface, including translated instructions, menus, and navigation, significantly improves user experience. Learners feel more comfortable and confident when interacting with content in their native language, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.

Market Penetration

By offering content in multiple languages, eLearning platforms can penetrate new markets more effectively. This strategic advantage allows them to reach a larger audience and establish a stronger foothold in various regions. 

Multilingual Support

obust multilingual support not only involves translated content but also extends to customer service and assistance in different languages. This support framework enhances user satisfaction and fosters trust among learners.

Regulatory Alignment

Localization ensures compliance with local regulations and standards, such as data protection laws or educational guidelines specific to certain regions. This helps eLearning platforms avoid legal issues and maintain credibility in diverse markets.

Broadened Accessibility

By offering content in various languages, eLearning platforms eliminate language barriers, making education accessible to a global audience. This inclusivity caters to learners who aren’t proficient in the primary language of instruction, expanding educational opportunities.

What’s included?
Swift Integration

Reverie offers a treasure trove of SDKs and libraries, making the incorporation of language solutions into your systems a breeze, ensuring a slick and effortless integration process.

Total Language Power

We’ve got your back in the language game. Reverie doesn’t just break language barriers; we’re here to supercharge your acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies, paving the way for long-term business supremacy.

Comprehensive Docs for the Win

Our detailed resources are your secret weapon for a no-hassle integration. They’ll save you time and resources, giving you that smooth, ultra-professional post-deployment experience.

Language Gurus on Your Side

Our team of language specialists is your elite squad, guiding you every step of the way. They ensure that your communication is not just on point but culturally relevant, creating that impactful, trendy edge that drives business success.

Deployment, Your Way

Choose your battlefield – cloud or on-premise. Reverie gives you the flexibility to tailor your language solutions to your exact requirements and preferences, ensuring a strategic edge.

Vivekananda Pani

To fulfill the vision of the New Education Policy (NEP) , automation at large should be adopted. Machine Translation should be context aware. The input tool or the keypad should be standardised for all our native langauges. A common repository for storage and discovery of content should be created.

Vivekananda Pani

CoFounder CTO, Reverie

Ensuring safety and security of corporate data

Reverie’s solutions safeguard corporate data through advanced encryption and sturdy security measures, providing defense against potential threats and breaches, and ensuring data remains confidential and secure.


Reverie employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques to shield sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Reverie delivers high-end data security tailored to the demands of large-scale enterprises, combining technology with rigorous protocols to safeguard valuable information from all potential risks.

Market-Leading Privacy Standards

Reverie sets the benchmark for privacy in the industry, adhering to and surpassing the most stringent privacy standards to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data. Our commitment to privacy excellence sets us apart in the market, providing peace of mind in regards to data.

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