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Improve on your market potential with Reverie’s language solutions for marketing expertise. Ignite success with tailored Indian language campaigns. Amplify your reach, forge powerful connections, and dominate your industry.  


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Empowering Scalable Video Localisation for the Education Industry: A Reverie Revolution

Localisation of 2000+ hours of digital video content into 11 Indian languages; Overcoming hurdles of volume, slow turnaround, maintaining quality, and handling linguistic nuances in localizing vast video content.

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Elevate Your Sales & Marketing Across All Channels

Refine your sales and marketing expertise that help you conquer various channels. Utilize localized, engaging strategies that seamlessly resonate across diverse audiences.

Social Media Communication
Social Media Communication
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Offline Marketing Collaterals
Offline Marketing Collaterals
Video Content Localisation
Video Content Localisation
Local Social

Cultural Connection on Social Media

Tailor content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to resonate with diverse audiences effectively.

Infuse your posts with local nuances, stories, and language to create relatable, engaging content.

Understand local preferences and behaviors to craft compelling content that resonates authentically.

Email Localisation Pro

Regional Email Strategies

Implement region-specific email content, addressing local interests for enhanced engagement and resonance.

Infuse emails with localized charm, respecting regional nuances to establish meaningful connections with recipients.

Leverage cultural insights to craft impactful subject lines and content, fostering higher interaction and response rates.

Omnichannel soltions

Embrace Language Diversity

Click to witness our multilingual tools in action across omnichannel experiences.

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Local Lingo Impact

Localized Offline Marketing Strategies

Customize brochures, flyers, and posters into regional dialects, fostering resonance within diverse local communities.

Incorporate nuanced regional elements for impactful marketing collaterals that resonate with specific localities.

Utilize regional languages to broaden marketing outreach, effectively engaging diverse demographics for greater impact.

Cultural Connect Videos

Regional Language Video Content

Harness the power of YouTube and TikTok with content tailored in regional languages for diverse audience engagement.

Develop culturally attuned content, aligning with local customs and trends for enhanced audience resonance.

Create culturally relevant videos geared for organic traction, fostering engagement within specific target demographics.

Anirban Palit

We, at Pragmatech, are pioneering women's health, particularly in the domain of Cervical cancer. We sought Reverie’s expertise in translating and providing voice-over services for our user manual. The translations were precise, and the voice-over work displayed remarkable empathy and modulation.

Anirban Palit

Managing Director, Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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