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Leverage Neural Machine Translation (NMT) API to translate your website, applications, documents, and customer data seamlessly.

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Reverie Empowers a Leading Automobile Brand to Seamlessly Localize Digital Assets and Enhance User Engagement

Users of the client’s website faced language barriers hindering experience and support in their digital commercial vehicles section, where regional languages were preferred over English.

One Translation API. Infinite Possibilities. What Businesses Can Achieve?

Connect the disconnected. Reverie’s Translation API helps you expand your business to local markets and drive ROI by translating your digital assets into 22 official Indian languages. Take control of delivering consistent brand messaging in multiple languages with technology-driven translation solutions for native language speakers, enabling them to communicate with your products and services easily.

Expand your nationwide reach effortlessly with an automated translation process

Reverie’s Translation API handles high volumes of requests with data security and context-aware translations to effectively translate documents, websites, and applications.

NMT improves customer experiences with AI-led automated translations

Automatically translate customer inquiries, live chat, emails, instant messages, and support tickets in real time with AI models that continuously learn and improve. 

Stay one step ahead with translation solutions tailored to your industry

Get seamless integration of Reverie’s translation API into your apps, websites, and systems with our industry-tailored models for businesses with unique requirements.

We are glad to collaborate with Reverie Language Technologies Limited, resulting in a successful attempt to localize political speeches. In this project, the main challenge was to manage good resources who were able to localize the speeches without affecting their essence...

Harsh Parmar

Black Letters Lingual Solutions LLP

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Our 145+ brands from startups, to government agencies, and enterprise players are experiencing improved customer satisfaction.

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We offer a range of pricing plans to fit every budget. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan that suits your needs.

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Accelerate time to value with unrivalled Reverie expertise on low code deployment with extensive developer’s documentation.

Reverie is using cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Neural Machine Translation and other systems to enable the government departments and private sectors to connect with millions of non-english speakers in the country...

Anurag Saxena

Chief Business Officer, 


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lead generation


Reduction in operational cost


Increase in customer satisfaction


reduction in deployment time

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Reverie Language Technologies Limited, a leader in Indian language localisation and user engagement technology solutions for over a decade, is working towards a vision to create Language Equality on the Internet.

Reverie’s language practice is dedicated to helping clients future-proof their rapidly expanding content by combining cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes.

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