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Explore multilingual search’s prowess in digital commerce—boost sales by engaging customers in their language. In business, improve accessibility; and in government sectors, foster citizen-government ties.

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Reverie Empowers Leading a Automobile Brand to Seamlessly Localize Digital Assets and Enhance User Engagement

Users of the client’s website faced language barriers hindering experience and support in their digital commercial vehicles section, where regional languages were preferred over English.

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Embracing Indian Language Search Tools

Empower users with Indian Language Search Tools, fostering accessibility and engagement across diverse linguistic landscapes

Language Inclusivity
Language Inclusivity
AI-driven Voice Automation
AI-driven Voice Automation
Text-based Input Tool
Text-based Input Tool
Natural Language Understanding
Natural Language Understanding
Search in Multi Lingual
Multilingual Search

Embracing Diversity with Language Inclusivity

Tap into untapped markets by optimizing multilingual search strategies for broader audience engagement.

Demonstrate respect and inclusivity, fostering trust among a varied, multicultural audience online. 

Improve user experience by catering to diverse linguistic preferences in online searches.

AI-Powered Voice Automation

Revolutionizing Multilingual Search with AI

Seamlessly navigate websites using voice commands across diverse languages for user convenience.

AI-driven systems adapt to nuances, ensuring accurate search results in multiple languages.

Stay ahead by embracing AI-based voice automation, optimizing multilingual search experiences dynamically.

Reverie Multi Lingual search solutions

Embrace Language Diversity

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Multi Lingual Search
Ease Of Use

Streamlined Text Search: Indic Typing Tool

The tool offers a user-friendly interface for effortless typing, aiding users in expressing thoughts seamlessly across various Indian languages.

This tool supports 22 Indian language scripts, enabling users to effortlessly switch between languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, etc., enhancing linguistic versatility.

Predictive text feature assists in faster and accurate typing, reducing errors and enhancing the overall typing experience.

Get Intent Savvy

Facilitating Intuitive Communication

The voice and text solutions adeptly discerns contextual nuances within queries, ensuring responses align seamlessly with users’ intended meaning.

Experience conversational fluidity with the system’s capability to recognize precision, fostering a human-like exchange.

Our tool exhibits adaptability, tailoring responses based on conversational flow and user-specific preferences, enhancing user experience.

Multi Lingual Search

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