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Localising with Reverie’s Transliteration API & NMT

Localise with API and NMT to translate and transliterate your manuals, policies, textbooks, and other text-based documents with first-in-class quality and efficiency. NMT helps you quickly and effectively localise your text-based content on your platforms, websites, or apps. At the same time, our transliteration API localises words from one alphabet to another without changing the word’s pronunciation. The API is used to transliterate a product name, song, or address from a foreign language to an Indian language. E.g., ‘Mexico’ in English is transliterated to ‘मेक्सिको’ in Hindi, and it sounds the same in all languages. 🙂 Great eh!  

Using Reverie’s APIs, your localisation journey becomes simple. The API is efficient, providing you and your audience with untainted content that gets the exact message across no matter the language you localise in. 

Share messages, ads, emails, and manuals without avoiding or leaving out product names, addresses, numbers, and abbreviations. Reach your native language users in a language of their understanding using Reverie’s NMT and Transliteration API to make their online experience exceptional. 

Reverie’s Transliteration API & NMT supports localisation in 11+ Indian Languages. We support Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Assamese, and Bengali.



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