Create multilingual AI companions to connect with diverse audiences, enhancing engagement for businesses and governments. Automate regional queries, lead generation, and feedback collection for inclusive communication and improved interfaces.

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Reverie Empowers MissCallPay's UPI 123Pay with Indian Language Voice Support for Feature Phone Users

Enabling feature phone users, with limited tech-savviness and language diversity, to access UPI 123Pay without internet or English language proficiency.

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Bot Boost Four Key Features Streamlining Bot Localisation!

Revitalize your bot’s impact and appeal through these four essential features, simplifying and maximizing the potential of bot localisation.

Easy Bot Creation
Easy Bot Creation
Integration Voice Search & Voicebot
Integration Voice Search & Voicebot
Seamless Typing
Seamless Typing
Indian Language Transliteration
Indian Language Transliteration
Effortless Bot Creation

Streamlining Online Interaction

Simplify bot creation (no-code, low code creation) for businesses and governments, enabling easy setup without technical expertise, enhancing customer service and engagement.

Swiftly integrate bots onto websites, facilitating quick customer interactions, reducing response time, and boosting operational efficiency seamlessly.

Cut development costs with an intuitive builder, facilitating efficient customer interactions, and maximizing ROI through enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.

Indian Language Voice Integration

Transforming User Engagement

Enable effortless interaction through Indian language voice search and voice bots, fostering inclusivity and seamless user experiences across diverse demographics.

Provide intuitive Indian language voice-driven interactions, enhancing satisfaction, encouraging prolonged engagement, and fostering brand loyalty.

Access new Indian language-speaking demographics, broadening the user base, and boosting market penetration for enhanced business and governmental outreach.

Boost Your Bot Nationwide

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Efficient Indian Language Typing

Optimizing Communication Experience

Enable swift Indian language typing for businesses and governments, optimizing communication efficiency within chatbots, enhancing response time, and customer satisfaction.

Facilitate seamless interactions for diverse users with Indian language typing tools, accommodating varied typing speeds and preferences, ensuring inclusivity and user-friendly experiences.

Elevate chatbot interactions by providing efficient Indian language typing tools, fostering active engagement, and increasing overall user satisfaction and interaction duration.

Engish to Indian Language Transliteration

Culturally Accurate Communication

Transliterate in Indian languages, encompassing addresses, names, and product details, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity for effective communication with a broader audience.

Embracing diverse languages nurtures trust, inclusivity, and stronger connections, showcasing cultural sensitivity and bolstering relationships with all stakeholders.

Providing services in preferred languages elevates satisfaction, loyalty, and accessibility, fortifying connections and delivering exceptional support experiences for everyone.

Ramachandran Ramanathan

Reverie’s expertise in Indian language technologies and solutions make them a perfect fit for Boonbox where ‘local’ is the default option and the only way to build customer trust. Reverie’s role would cover Boonbox Apps, communication over Whatsapp and the use of Voice technology wherever possible. The Boonbox-Reverie collaboration has the potential to make eCommerce and Social Commerce second nature for Boonbox’s rural footprint.

Ramachandran Ramanathan

Co-Founder & CEO, Boonbox

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