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With our language technologies, Reverie works to bring about a change that enable companies and governments to deliver language-first digital customer experience.

15 Years of being a Leader in Automating Language Experiences on the Internet

In 2009, when Reverie started and the founders were asked about the nature of their business they were met with a lot of skepticism. “Languages? In India? Does that have any commercial value at all? Many said, the founders were chasing something that is unlikely to succeed.”

Cut to 2023, Reverie continues to be the only end-to-end language technology player to be able to integrate languages at a product or an OEM level, or to democratize all the digital customer/ citizen touch points from apps, websites, voice bots and virtual assistants. 


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Our Mission

What Adds Significance to our Endeavors

Empowering 500+ Million
Indian Lives

Daily, meaningfully impacting the lives of 500+ million Indian citizens through our technologies.

Defining Indian Language

Establish language standards suited for Indian languages defined and owned by India.

Being the Platform
of Choice

Providing a complete language engagement experience across the user’s digital journey, making internet adoption more manageable and faster for millions of Indians.

It is not enough to be tech & AI and MCAP and all that cool stuff. Real cool is when an enterprise serves a larger purpose. Reverie is a pioneer in democratizing the Internet, making it serve the needs of ordinary people. Reverie makes the Internet possible for millions who risk being left behind in life.

Subroto Bagchi

Chairman of Odisha Skill Development Authority


Our langauge technology milestones stand witness to India's internet and digital story


Launch of IndoCord , a no code-low code bot building platform.

Built a multilingual interface for MG Comet's in-car voice assistant. The four components powering multilingual interface for in-car voice assistant – the wake word, speech-to-text, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech. The use case ensures a delicate balance between low memory consumption and CPU optimization.


Jio Payment Application - 'JioPay' went live with voice support from Reverie.

'JioMart' iOS application went live with voice support from Reverie. 

Tata Motors is a logo win.


'JioPhone' live with STT, NLU & TTS APIs supported by Reverie. 

New Education Policy (NEP) fulfilled through video localisation for the Ministry of Education.

Anuvadak live with multiple customers including TitanEye, Upstox, MPL. 

Release of an array of Platform Products.

Launch of Anuvadak, a website localisation and multilingual domain management platform.

Prabandhak, the complete version gets launched. 

Shrota - A Video Localisation Platform -  (Beta launch)

Marquee large scale project wins

Jio Settop Box live with Speech-to-text , Natural Language Understanding & Text-to-Speech APIs supported by Reverie.

Marquee large scale project wins

ITD project licenses deployed.

Reverie's wins its mid camp

Jio's strategic invesment in Reverie.


Launch of Gopal , a voice suite available in 12 Indian languages (Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Odia, Punjabi and Indian English). Gopal can be integrated with chatbots and IVR solutions.

Reverie's proprietary NMT and ASR engines power Gopal.

Prabandhak (Beta) launch , a Translation Project Management Platform with integrated CAT Tools.

GEM integration a success.

Jio device integrations for qwerty devices and android for smart feature phones.


Pioneering Voice & AI Tech

Explore and expand Voice Technology; Expanding into ML Tech solutions

Embracing voice tech and venturing into AI & Machine Learning solutions.

Integration with Jio devices on KaiOS; spanning across 12 key devices.

Successful market penetration in the Feature Phone Business. 


Reverie's introduction to Deep Trans, inaugurating the use of Machine Translation.

BIS Mandates brings larger business to the company. Reverie drives change in Bitmap Display Solutions. Reverie expands in tech innovation using Machine Translation and Natural Language Understanding.

Launch of LaaS 2.0 and introduction of Machine Translation beta.

Bitmap display solutions emerge due to BIS Mandates, with Reverie as a key proponent.

Integration of RDA Chipset and various FP integrations.

Securing clients like eNAM, BHIM, Ola, and Practo, marking significant wins for the company.


Milestones Elevating Company Value

Transactions high, deal size large, greater support extended.

Reverie secures Series A funding of USD 4 Mn.

LaaS 1.0 released, securing Snapdeal as a client.

Launch of Swalekh, Phonebook, and Lock Screen apps on Play Store.


Technological Milestones of 2014

Introduction of Reverie Fonts, Smartpad, and Phonebook integrations on OEMs.

Micromax Unite 2 equipped with Reverie's solution emerges as a bestseller. Micromax claims that the Unite 2 is the first phone to support 21 Indian languages. Basically, what a user engages on is a keyboard and a phonebook app called 'Reverie Phonebook' that can be used in any of these Indian languages.

Expansion of the OEM business with more integrations.

Initial cloud platform integrations with HDFC and Hungama.

Reverie’s font-conversion engine converted 5TB non-Unicode data to Unicode in 7 days.Digitization of land-records for 40M+ citizens in Karnataka

Land record project e-bhoomi collaboration; with the Karnataka government becoming the first government client.


Integration of ALL Indian languages on Qualcomm platform for QRD devices.

Commercially went live with Set Top Boxes to support display in Indian languages.

Integrations on Settop Box platform of Indieon.

'Reverie Phonebook' development started.

Reverie @ Cloud

Marks Reverie's expansion on support for Indian languages on devices to conceptualize Language as a Service (LaaS) stack on cloud.

License Manager for SDKs - The first ever license keys for our core technologies.

Localisation at a chip level.

First client integration on Android Gingerbread for fonts and rendering solution for Hindi- Arabic on Qualcomm platform. The first ever mobile device in India which supported rendering for Hindi language was powered by Reverie.

First integration of Android SDK for BEWO in Tamil language.

Development of Reverie's SmartPad initiated.


From feature phones , we extended the Multilingual Music Player app with synchronized lyrics for Android & iOS platform.

The first organic funding, also the validation of what we were doing and the need we were fullifiling.

Won the India edition for Qualcomm Q Prize.

This is how media quoted us "Reverie provides users with the choice to read text in any language independent of the source language of the text. A device manufacturer does not need to support all complex scripts of the world on the device if they make use of Reverie’s products. The company thereby enables display of, interaction in and content creation in local languages."

Reverie went on to receive $100,000 in convertible note funding and also an additional $150,000 in the Grand Prize Competition.

This was critical as Andriod did not support display for Indian languages. Multilingual apps powered by Reverie.

Android SDK and Display tools created, utilizing which Android apps developed with Reverie's SDK could showcase multiple Indian languages.


Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT) selection of Reverie for final industry recommendation.

Indian Langauges for Set Top Boxes. First Successful POC deploymnet.

NDS had partnered with Bharti (Airtel) to introduce Settop Boxes in India. Through a foreign collaboration the Settop Box supported display in only the Hindi language. Later Reverie was given the directive to replace the display for Hindi language using Reverie's proprietary solutions.

Developed our Transliteration Engine

Early on we identified that phonetic conversion would be essential for Indian languages. With this futuristic approach Transliteration and Font capabilities were  demonstrated in products developed and supported by Reverie. 

Validation for Transliteration, Fonts and Rendering for Indian languages.

Reverie built the 'Multilingual Music Player' app with synchronized lyrics in Indian languages for the J2ME platform with support rendered from Reverie's Transliteration API. This was a breakthrough as the client's devices did not inherently have pre-built support for display in Indian languages. We supported the app with 11 Indian languages- Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Assamese, and Punjabi.


In Reverie's Founding Year, the internet as we know was not a mass media. Through GUI based transactional service over SMS protocol, we explored the possibility of transactions through SMS communication.

At this juncture we realized that keyboard and display solutions for Indian languages on feature phones would be critical.

Display Solutions

Reverie created display solutions in Indian languages for small screen display devices. This included Demo for Bitmap Fonts.

Support for Typing In Indian Languages

Nokia was the only handset which had some support for Indian languages. Typing in Indian languages was tedious, so we took it upon us to standardise the keypad. Hence we developed EzPad 12 keys keyboard.

Worklife at Reverie

Talent Management & Culture

“We nurture a culture of empowerment, transparency, and growth, ensuring our employees thrive in a dynamic, supportive, and inclusive environment. We foster a culture that values autonomy, encourages open communication, and invests in continual learning and career progression for every individual.”

Sanjukta Paul

Lead People Development

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