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Get Local, Get Loud! Amp Up Your App for Indian Users

Boost your app’s appeal by integrating features tailored to the diverse preferences of Indian users.

Voice Automated Search
Voice Automated Search
Customer Onboarding in Indian Languages
Customer Onboarding in Indian Languages
Transliteration of Products/Product Descriptions
Transliteration of Products/Product Descriptions
Indian Language Typing Tool
Indian Language Typing Tool
App Localization
Voice Search for Apps

Revolutionizing User Experience

Enable effortless app navigation for diverse demographics, fostering inclusivity, convenience, and increased user engagement across various languages and abilities.

Drive user satisfaction with hands-free, intuitive app interactions, augmenting convenience, and encouraging prolonged engagement, ultimately boosting customer loyalty.

Access new markets and demographics, catering to diverse linguistic preferences, expanding user base, and amplifying app visibility for higher adoption rates and revenue growth.

Indian Language Bot Integration

Transforming User Engagement

Enable diverse linguistic communities to engage effortlessly with bots in their preferred Indian languages, enhancing inclusivity and user satisfaction.

Tap into varied Indian demographics by offering bot interactions in regional languages, open opportunities to new markets, and fostering deeper connections with diverse audiences.

Build intuitive bots catering to linguistic diversity, elevating user experience, fostering deeper engagement, and amplifying brand loyalty through personalized and culturally sensitive interactions.

Reverie App Localization

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Language Amplification

Transliterate for Clarity & Accessibility

Transliterate product details into multiple Indian languages, aiding clearer understanding, fostering inclusivity, and facilitating comprehensive search results for effortless discovery.

Present product information accurately across languages, respecting cultural nuances, instilling trust, and deepening connections with diverse audiences authentically.

Amplify reach by providing comprehensive product descriptions in various Indian languages, driving engagement, enhancing accessibility, and catalyzing conversions across diverse linguistic preferences.

Indian Language Typing

Effortless App Interactions

Facilitate seamless typing in various Indian languages, empowering users with convenient and efficient input methods, encouraging increased participation and engagement.

Break language barriers by providing intuitive typing tools, fostering inclusivity, and enabling diverse demographics to engage comfortably, boosting user satisfaction and interaction.

Attract diverse linguistic users with easy Indian language input, broadening app accessibility, and appealing to wider demographics, ultimately increasing app adoption and user retention.

Reverie App Localization solution
Bhim UPI

BHIM app has been built keeping in mind the needs of India’s local language customers from the very beginning rather than as an afterthought. Since its inception, language localisation is integral to the usability of the app and its language infrastructure has been designed around the complexities of Indian languages.

Bhim App

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