6 Reasons to Use Reverie’s Transliteration API in Building a Multilingual Brand Presence 

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6 reasons to use Transliteration API

When we think of personalization, we might picture things like customized product recommendations, focused advertising, and similar things. However, when thinking about personalization, language and multilingual brand presence is a crucial but frequently disregarded factor. Today, it is essential to have your website and its content available in a language that visitors can understand, especially given that 88% of customers are likely to leave your site after a negative experience that is lead by language barriers.

Most businesses are advised to evolve at the same rate as technology, as of today multilingual technology is taking over the business world. Starting with a multilingual website, going multilingual has the potential to completely transform a brand and make it competitive. 

In this blog, we’ll look at how a multilingual website can help your business today and how businesses can use Reverie’s Transliteration API, an industry leading transliteration solution to build a multilingual brand presence online.

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What is transliteration, and how is it unique from translation? 

If a brand wants to build relationships with its customers across India, it should always speak in the language of its target audience rather than focusing on a single, commonly used language. In this case, a transliteration solution like Transliteration API is needed to satisfy native speakers and reach potential new audiences across geographic boundaries. 

When you transliterate, texts are transformed from one script to another based on phonetic similarity. The text is presented using scripts from various languages, but the original text’s pronunciation, grammar, and sense are still preserved in the new characters. Since localization is crucial without compromising meaning, transliteration is used when translating names, addresses, titles, and more into Indian languages.

For example, transliterated text for the Address- Reverie Language Technologies Limited Limited, 5th Floor,Jio Avana, 39/14, Sarjapur – Marathahalli Rd, Iblur Village, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102 would be रेवरी लैंग्वेज टेक्नोलॉजीज लिमिटेड, 5थ फ्लोर,जिओ आवना, 39/14, सरजापुर – मरथाहल्ली रोड, ईब्लूर विलेज, बेलंदूर, बेंगलुरु, कर्नाटक 560102. 

When a word is translated, its original meaning is taken from the source text and replaced with its equivalent in the target language. Using an online translator frequently results in transliteration or transcription rather than a true translation. Because of this, the “translation’s” outcomes frequently lack coherence.

What is Reverie’s Transliteration API?

Reverie’s JavaScript Transliteration API, helps you transliterate a block of text into a different script. It converts words from one alphabet to another without changing their pronunciation. The transliteration solution is highly effective while converting product name, or address to other Indian languages. For example, ‘Mexico’ in English is transliterated to मेक्सिको in Hindi, and it sounds the same in both languages.

For businesses, their website localization journey is simplified when they use Reverie’s Transliteration API for English to Hindi transliteration or Hindi to English transliteration. The Transliteration API from Reverie is efficient, providing businesses and their audience with untainted content that conveys the exact message regardless of the language in which it is localized. 

How can it be used to brand your product or business?

Using Reverie’s NMT and Transliteration API, brands in India can now get their messages, ads, emails, and manuals localised and transliterated without avoiding or leaving out product names, addresses, numbers, and abbreviations. This helps them reach and support their native language users in a language of their understanding.

Among the many advantages of Reverie’s Transliteration API are:

  • Builds brand credibility and authenticity
  • Facilitates customer interaction
  • Prevents mismatch while reading and pronunciation
  • Prevents information from being misinterpreted
  • Ensures that all customers are on the same page, no matter the language used

Reverie’s Transliteration API and NMT supports 22 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Assamese, and Bengali.

Reverie’s transliteration API is being used by brands across domains to reach out to new market segments and audiences to communicate effectively. Reverie’s transliteration APIs and other language localization solutions, are popular among multibillion-dollar corporations like TVS Motors, Saavn, and Jio to future-proof their expanding content and stay ahead of the curve.

Other Website Language Localisation Technologies & Products from Reverie

Anuvadak, an AI-powered website localization tool that collaborates with NMT and Prabandhak to assist businesses in localising and managing their website in multiple languages, is one of Reverie’s more prominent language localisation solutions. The tool supports multilingual SEO, allowing your multilingual websites to rank higher on search engines and provide your company with the visibility it requires.

The platform supports both manual and machine translation, allowing you to localise your website based on the architecture and design you provide, eliminating the need for coding. Anuvadak’s ‘No Coding’ feature eliminates the need for a sophisticated IT team, reducing the hassles and costs of hiring and managing both a translation and an IT support team.

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