Achieve Customer Support Automation with Multilingual Chatbot for Indian Languages

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Multilingual Chatbot for Customer Support Automation

As it’s known, a business can not succeed in the long run without customer satisfaction. This becomes even more difficult when your business is spanned across multiple locations & involves customers who speak different languages. Cases such as these would require any organisation looking to achieve complete customer satisfaction to go the extra mile in hiring multilingual support resources to meet the requirement. All of this could result in loss of time and additional spends in resource management. A simple solution could be customer support automation in Indian languages, which meets the same goals and without the additional hassles of resource management and extra spends.  

Stats tell us the same story

According to a KPMG study, the 6 Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence are:

  • Personalization

Native language customer support show customers you care and give a more personalized experience. 

  • Brand Loyalty: 

Customers who have a positive experience with native support always come back for more. 

  • Expectations

Native language speaking customer expect to have a similar experience online as they would in-person at a local store. 

  • Time & Effort

Minimize customer effort and save time with the native language approach and creating frictionless processes.

  • Empathy

Understanding and catering to your customer’s multilingual need drives a deep rapport.

The same study states, “Forward-looking industry players already understand that outstanding customer experience excellence delivers real financial and commercial benefits”.

A survey conducted by Salesforce mentions, “89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience”.

Another study by Hubspot states, “93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service”.

And surveys in customer satisfaction amongst the Indian online users show that 9/10 of them prefer to be addressed in the native tongue, inspite of being English literate. 

This brings to light that customer support automation is no longer a necessity, but rather a norm.

The role of Multilingual Chatbot in Customer Support Automation

A Multilingual Chatbot is an AI-Powered virtual assistant that can speak with customers & prospects in multiple languages at the same time. The bot can either detect the language from settings or ask the customer to chose a preferred language. It is also sensitive to the culture, locale, nuances & dialects of the customer. The bot can converse with multiple customers at the same time, conserving the time of human interactions to be used where its actually needed, e.g. for complex solutions or critical decision points.

Lets us present some Pros about deploying a Multilingual Chatbot:

  • It reduces customer service costs.
  • It helps to enhance human interactions at critical touchpoints.
  • It helps to improve efficiency & speed of issue resolution.
  • It allows for 24/7 availability.
  • It establishes uniformity of responses.
  • It helps in centralizing of information.
  • It reduces human errors (Not that they are made intentionally)

Have we built sufficient case for you to deploy a Multilingual Chatbot for Indian Languages & take your customer support to next level? Let us now allow to build a case for Reverie then.

Reverie’s expertise

Reverie’s Multilingual Chatbot for Indian Languages breathes life into your brand’s digital interactions, especially among your non-English speaking customers. It is a set of AI-Powered technologies that help your business create application with a Natural Multilingual Interface – built by humans for humans. The bot enables effortless integration of Indian language layers & virtual assistants to serve your native customers in a language of their preference. 

Some of the distinguished advantages of Reverie’s bot are:

  • Indian Language Vocabulary
  • Domain specific language models
  • Accurate human-like interaction
  • Multiple dialects
  • Quick & easy integration

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In a nutshell, Customer Support Automation using Multilingual Chatbot for Indian Languages can take your customer experience &  customer management to the desired level. It can help your business stay relevant, and help you attend to several customers at the same time. 

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