Speaking the Language of Digital Healthcare: Empowering Indians with Multilingual Access

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Digital healthcare

India’s diverse linguistic landscape presents a significant challenge when it comes to ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare. With a doctor-patient ratio of 1:1000 across various dialects, it is imperative to bridge the communication gap that hampers effective healthcare delivery. Digital healthcare communications pose additional hurdles for native language speakers, making it crucial to address these challenges head-on. However, the power of language technologies offers a promising solution to empower Indians with multilingual access, revolutionizing the way they engage with digital healthcare.

Navigating the Healthcare Maze:

The first obstacle for native language speakers is finding the right hospital online amidst a plethora of healthcare facilities and doctors. This overwhelming experience often leaves patients feeling lost. Communication hurdles persist throughout the healthcare journey, from explaining complex medical histories to healthcare professionals, to understanding lab test results and medical prescriptions. Native citizens frequently struggle to decipher medical jargon, leading to confusion about dosages, medications, and instructions.

Unlocking Multilingual Healthcare:

Recognizing the importance of addressing language barriers, the Indian government has made commendable efforts through initiatives like the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. However, to ensure the success of these initiatives, a multilingual approach is crucial. By leveraging language technologies like Natural Language Processing, Neural Machine Translation, and APIs, we can create multilingual healthcare platforms that cater to patients and healthcare providers in over 22 official Indian languages.

Transforming the Healthcare Experience:

A multilingual approach in healthcare can significantly enhance accessibility and engagement. Multilingual digital touchpoints such as websites, brochures, and patient education materials can empower patients to make informed decisions. Moreover, deploying multilingual support through health hotlines, helplines, and automated systems like IVR, chatbots, and voice bots can bridge communication gaps and provide instant assistance. Accessible digital health tools like apps, wearable devices, and multilingual health education videos can further empower individuals to take control of their well-being.

Reverie your Language Technology Partner in Healthcare:

Reverie, a leading language technology partner, is at the forefront of enabling effective patient collaboration through language localisation. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, Reverie addresses the critical need for multilingual access in various aspects of digital healthcare. Our expertise extends to websites, web portals, and apps, where we facilitate language localisation to ensure that patients can access information and engage with healthcare platforms in their native languages. By offering end-to-end language localisation support, Reverie enables healthcare providers to reach and connect with patients through video, voice, and text communication channels. This allows for effective patient education and engagement, fostering better collaboration and understanding.

Reverie’s language localisation solutions also extend to support services. We offer multilingual IVRs and chatbots, both text-based and voice-based, to bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers. This ensures that patients can seek assistance, make appointments, and access relevant information in their preferred languages, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Healthcare content localisation is another area where we excel. We enable the translation and localisation of text, video, and audio content, making it accessible and understandable for patients across different language communities. This ensures that important healthcare information, educational materials, and instructions are effectively communicated, reducing confusion and improving patient outcomes.

In the realm of omni-channel communication, Reverie enables healthcare providers to engage with patients through SMS, notifications, and emails in multiple languages. This personalised and multilingual approach helps to deliver timely and relevant information to patients, enhancing their overall healthcare experience. 

With Reverie as a language technology partner, healthcare providers can unlock the full potential of effective patient collaboration by breaking language barriers.

Our solutions empower Indian language speakers to access and engage with digital healthcare in their native languages, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes and ensuring equitable access for all.

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