Multilingual Voicebots: The Wave of the Future

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Multilingual Voicebots The Wave of the Future

Customers look forward to communicating with your brand in their native language, regardless of whether you have a physical location or only an online presence. 

Multilingual Voicebots have become the go-to customer support tool by implementing technologies such as Speech-to-text (STT), Text-to-Speech (TTS), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The tool is highly effective at meeting the needs of native language customers, allowing brands and product owners to expand across multiple geographical locations in India.

Let us explain how and why Multilingual Voicebots are becoming eminent in the Indian industry.

Why are Multilingual Voicebots becoming the Customer Support Tool of Choice?

As per the Icube-KANTAR report, native language users comprise 50% of the total 341 Million urban Internet users in India. Also, per the recent IAMAI report, one in two Internet users in India are from rural areas. 

Since the launch of the internet in India on 15th August 1995, Indian users online have always favoured native languages over English. The voice bot, an AI-driven technology, allows users to send and receive inputs as voice automated messages in Indian languages, eliminating the need to communicate through typing in any language on the support tool, thereby improving the customer experience.

According to a Forbes report, over 47 million people own a smart speaker and widespread personal AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Duplex. Users now feel more at ease conversing with and relying on AI assistants in their daily lives thanks to this adaptation to AI technology.

The next era of customer service and interaction has arrived thanks to this reliance on automated voice solutions: multilingual Voicebots. Multilingual Voicebots facilitate multilingual localisation solutions in banking, eCommerce, marketing, advertising, travel, hospitality, and other sectors by engaging customers with a human-like conversation in their native tongue.

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Are you prepared for the future? Are multilingual voice bots part of your business strategy? 

The customer experience management market, according to the 2020 research, was valued at $7.6 billion. This is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.7% between 2020 and 2027.

Since more native language speakers are going online, multilingualism is crucial to any customer who desires to achieve straightforward access. This makes going multilingual online all the more crucial in today’s environment. 

We are moving toward a voice-command-only world where many changes are expected to be seen on interfaces. By 2035, AI will contribute a trillion dollars to the Indian economy, and in the ensuing years, the market will soar.

How can Reverie Help?  

Reverie possesses technologies that enable intelligently created AI voice bots with NLP and NLU engines. These technologies process user interactions in split seconds and offer natural human-like interactions.

Technologies such as these make multilingual voice bots the wave of the future when you consider the time and money businesses must invest in providing seamless, 24/7 customer service.

With fully automated customer service, business owners can now devote their time to more critical tasks rather than recruiting and training many multilingual employees and dealing with the hassles of fragmented human resourcing.


First introduced by IBM in 1961, multilingual voice bots have come a long way and are now reshaping how modern businesses communicate with their customers. Even today, effective communication is essential for providing exceptional customer service, which is precisely why multilingual voice bots continue to shine. 

Reverie enables businesses across all sectors to create multilingual voice bots. All technical specs are handled by an expert team of NLP, NLU, STT, and TTS experts, allowing you to deploy your voice bot on as many channels as your customers prefer in 22 Indian languages. 

Do not miss out on an opportunity to improve your customer engagement, interaction, and retention with multilingual voice bots.

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