75 years after Independence, yet, many of our brands, products, services, and spaces are not built with Bharat users in mind. Imagine buying an online insurance policy, with all the information presented to you in a foreign language? Imagine receiving important updates from your provider in a language you don’t prefer, on a platform you are new to!

Well, that’s exactly what millions of Indian users who navigate the world in their mother tongue go through when they interface with businesses, exclusively built with English speakers in mind. However, things are changing in the Indian digitalscape, thanks to brands like Bajaj Allianz GIC. Its crop insurance app Farmitra – which provides customised insurance solutions to its insured farmers across the country in their preferred language – won the EFMA-Accenture Global Award, last year.

On this launch episode of Building for Bharat, Mr. Arvind Pani is in conversation with Dipu KV, President & Head of Operations and Customer Service at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company.

Dipu KV has spearheaded a revolution by achieving an incredible 80% digital servicing rate across Bajaj Allianz, with a vision for change that predates the pandemic. Hear from this industry leader on what he thinks of Voice Technology and learn more about his idea for a humanistic AI-driven approach to serving customers. Get insights on delivering more personalized, language-aware experiences in your sector, to create true customer delight.

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