In this Season 3 finale episode, we have with us Ankit Agrawal, CEO & Founder, InsuranceDekho a 500 million dollar insurance tech platform catering to a huge number of first-time users across 1300 cities in Bharat and with 84% of its premium coming from tier 2 below regions. Ankit shares with our show’s host Arvind Pani, co-Founder and CEO Reverie Language Technologies Limited his journey of making insurance easily accessible, understandable and transparent to every Indian.

ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce), a ‘democratised’ interoperable network wherein businesses sell products or services directly to the buyer, is touted to be the next big thing after UPI, and is expected to drastically change the digital commerce ecosystem of Bharat.

T. Koshy, CEO, ONDC takes us through the fascinating journey of the world’s first government-led initiative to level the playing field for every business regardless of scale and developed by getting together some of the brightest minds in India Inc. Listen to his conversation with host Arvind Pani, Co-Founder & CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Limited along with Mayuresh Nirhali, Head Engineering, Reverie Language Technologies Limited, who led Team Reverie on this ambitious project.

How did T.A.C go about making Ayurveda look ‘cool’ and how did that help it to amass a massive mindshare among young Bharatis? What did T.A.C do differently to capture the attention of millions of users and emerge as a holistic ayurveda brand in a relatively short time frame? How do you build and leverage trust while also being affordable? Shreedha Singh, CEO & Co-Founder, T.A.C – The Ayurveda Company shares her story with Arvind Pani.

As Bharat gradually awakens to ‘financialisation’, it is at an interesting cusp of leaving the poverty footprint behind as a lower middle income country, while steadily progressing to an important milestone of evolving into a middle income country in the next two decades, backed by a youthful demography, active reforms and growth. A lot is set to change especially our relationship with money and how we perceive it, use it says personal finance expert Monika Halan, Author, Let’s Talk Money as she joins show’s host Arvind Pani, Co-Founder & CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Limited, in a freewheeling, unfiltered and unapologetic discussion on Money.

Join us as we explore how Bharat is grappling with speaking this new Bhasha of Paisa.

On this National Technology Day special, Arvind Pani, our show’s host and Co-Founder & CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Limited is joined by his team members Mayuresh Nirhali, Head of Engineering, Reverie Language Technologies Limited and Soham Bhattacharya, Product Manager, Reverie Language Technologies Limited as they explore the interplay of language and technology and its changing dynamics across generations. We also have a special guest, Devanshi Pani, who shares the Gen Next perspective.

From trying her best to blend into the ever-burgeoning Mumbai’s intricate cultural canvas as a young ‘country bumpkin’, to leading the marketing function of some of the biggest MNCs in the tech and BFSI space, Deepali Naair, Director – Digital Sales JAPAC, IBM, shares the various milestones in her evolution as a leader, a woman and a digital marketer. Tune in to this very special Jan 26 , Republic Day special. Listen to Deepali in conversation with the host Arvind Pani, Co-Founder & CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Limited.

How does the emerging Bharat startup ecosystem look like? How do you spot and nurture a successful business idea? What type of businesses are going to thrive in the future? What is that critical factor that D2C and digital-first brands today simply cannot overlook? What are some impactful trends in the Bharat startup scenario? Vinay Singh, Partner, Fireside Ventures shares fascinating insights on these aspects and more in a riveting conversation with host Arvind Pani, Co-Founder & CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Limited.

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