Translate To Hindi: A Strategy For Business Growth in 2024

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Translate to Hindi - A Strategy for Business Growth in 2024

Hindi remains the third most-spoken language in the world with 610 million speakers. In a linguistically diverse country like India, language has always played a pivotal role in attracting potential customers. While English has been widely used in business communication, Hindi still remains a driving force in communicating with a significant population in this country. Businesses today are no longer confined to geographical boundaries and Indian consumers are among the most sought after by regional, national, and international brands. However, with a large Hindi-speaking population the call for translation to Hindi becomes louder as business conglomerates push for growth in 2024 in the Indian market.

Spotlight on Hindi: The Common Language in India

India has finally arrived on the global stage. India ranks 5th in the GDP standings as of 2023 and 10th in the global business environment rankings, a list compiled by EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) in 2023 for the countries with the best business environments in the period 2023-27’. No wonder, India has garnered so much interest in recent years among the global business community. Translate to Hindi will be a core business strategy for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises and government agencies who want to expand their business in India, why you may ask.

More than 44% of Indians consider Hindi as their mother tongue and the demand for video content is the highest in the Hindi language (75%). Although English has been the dominant language for internet users for a long time, the smartphone penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and rural areas has made it possible for native languages to come to the forefront of business communication. The advent of 5G has improved mobile experiences of smartphone users in tier 2 and tier 3 Indian cities leading to a higher demand for content in native languages. By harnessing the power of translation solutions businesses can better connect with these audiences. This is a huge market with a lot of potential. 

Online food delivery app Zomato learned this quickly and leveraged the power of the translate to Hindi strategy. By the end of 2022, Zomato received more than 150,000 orders a month via regional languages. The Hindi language contributed 54% of the orders. But that’s one strategy in the food-delivery business. Where else can businesses add translation to reach new local markets?

Use-case for ‘Translate to Hindi’ for Business Growth

Website and App Translation

No matter what business you are running, a multilingual website and mobile app helps you reach out to a wider audience and stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging the capabilities of website translation you can translate your website content, navigation, menus, headers, footers, CTA buttons, and videos. For your mobile application, its UX/UI, toggles, text fields, buttons, push notifications, and more can be translated into Hindi and other languages to broaden your reach and connect with the Hindi-speaking population. For example, by translating your blogs, you can captivate your readers in their native language, stimulating informed decision-making.

Using platforms like Anuvadak, a website localization and translation solution, and Reverie’s translation API, you can easily translate your website and applications to Hindi with unprecedented quality which can be customized based on your specific domains.  

Marketing Campaigns 

The language you use in your marketing campaign significantly determines its success. Crafting your marketing campaigns in Hindi will resonate more with Hindi-speaking audiences by delivering personalized and compelling customer experiences across multiple channels. Maggi’s campaign in the Hindi language for rural India ‘ खाओ तो Maggi नूडल्स खाओ’ was a big hit this year, showcasing the power of translations in marketing campaigns. 

With the help of a quality translation API, you can utilize culturally relevant references in Hindi to establish a stronger connection with potential Hindi-speaking customers. Similarly, translating social media campaigns, emails, instant messages, and more in Hindi can help build strong customer relationships and drive brand loyalty. 

Customer Support Systems

Every business that covers a nationwide audience involves communicating with new and existing customers. The key to providing truly personalized customer support relies on the ability of the business to respond to their customers, anytime, anywhere, and in their preferred language. Translate to Hindi strategy can be added to your customer support to improve the overall customer experience. 

Queries raised by Hindi-speaking customers can be responded to automatically in real-time and in the same language with multilingual bots like IndoCord. With real-time Hindi translations, you can unlock the potential of your customer support systems by delivering personalized, intuitive, and frictionless interactions between the brand and the customer through IVR (Interactive Voice Response), chatbot, and voice bot. 

Document Translation

Translating important documents into Hindi, such as user manuals, marketing materials, product information, customer support documents, and terms of service helps ensure that your stakeholders such as customers, partners, and employees fully understand the context of the document, fostering trust and transparency between both parties. In addition, by translating legal documents such as contracts, MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding), and NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) businesses can ensure that they comply with local laws and regulations while enhancing communication between cultures. 

Go Beyond Hindi With Reverie’s Multilingual Translation

With Reverie’s AI-driven multilingual translation solutions, go beyond the translate to Hindi strategy by providing translations in all 22 official Indian languages. 

Reverie provides tailor-made translation solutions based on industry-specific use cases. Whether you are a small business owner, running a larger enterprise, or part of a government agency, Reverie provides text, voice, and video translations for all types of businesses. 

Ensure inclusivity in your business communication and strategy to increase your ROI in 2024. 

Click here to make your brand multilingual.

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