Website Localisation with Anuvadak – Enhances Business Growth & Profits by 50%

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Anuvadak Website Localisation

The advent of technology has brought businesses and their customers closer than ever before. 

By using a search engine with the right keywords, just anybody in the world can find and collect the information they seek. This includes the product or service information your customer is looking for. However, finding information online can be a challenge for a few. Why? – Language barriers in digital spaces. On a global scale, 55% of websites available online service customers only in English. But, we have 90% of Indians who are literate in one or more of the 22 official native languages and prefer to communicate online in their native tongue. According to a KPMG report- “Indian language internet users account for nearly 75% of India’s internet user base in 2021.” These reports speak absolute truths about the wants and needs of your customers online. 

Our Solution – Website Localisation 

Let’s start at the very basics. Localizing your website in native languages to get your customers to communicate with you more effectively. 

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Why should businesses take website localization and multilingual localization seriously? 

Statistics may vary, but most users typically decide whether to stay or leave a website within the first 10 to 30 seconds. 

The likelihood of engagement is bound to increase when businesses invest in website localization and have a user interface through multilingual localization. These minor but significant changes enable new visitors to navigate any website quickly. This difference in online engagement is backed by native language support.

Despite being the most common language, English is no longer the only language used on the Internet. In actuality, only 25.3% of Internet users are native English speakers. This is even more justification for businesses to start localizing websites.

Neil Patel, a successful entrepreneur, translated his website into 82 different languages as part of an online experiment, and the results were more than expected. 

This top influencer and the best-selling author saw a vast difference as far as a 47% increase in website visitors within months after making the change.  

Anuvadak – Your Go-to Tool for Website Localisation & Multilingual Website Management 

Anuvadak is an AI-Powered website localization tool that works hand in hand with NMT and Prabandhak, assisting businesses in localizing and managing their website in multiple languages, managing all on a single domain. The tool supports multilingual SEO helping your multilingual websites rank highest on search engines and giving your business all the visibility it needs. 

The platform supports manual and machine translation, which localizes your website based on the given architecture and design, eliminating the need for coding. With ‘No Coding, ‘ Anuvadak also removes the need for a sophisticated IT team, reducing the hassles and costs of hiring and managing both a team for translation and IT support. 

Anuvadak has successfully assisted several of Reverie’s customers in localizing and managing their websites on a single domain. Some customers supported were ‘leading automobile firms’ and ‘life insurance firms.’ All of whom have now expanded their market reach by building a multilingual brand presence online. They have also increased revenue with multilingual support within a quick turnaround time using Anuvadak. 

If you are looking to beat the competition online, get your website localized with Anuvadak Today! 

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