Speech to Text API

The STT Streaming API, fueled by Reverie’s AI technology, excels in real-time transcription across diverse Indian languages and audio formats. It’s a meticulously managed, continuously updated solution employing machine learning. By amalgamating grammar rules, language constructs, and audio signal analysis, it delivers precise speech transcription.

Reverie benefits

Flexible deployment options

Reverie caters to varying needs by offering both cloud-based and on-premise deployment choices, ensuring adaptability and addressing specific preferences or requirements of different setups.

Comprehensive documentation

Extensive and detailed resources provided by Reverie streamline the integration process, saving valuable time and resources by offering clear, easy-to-follow guidelines.

Seamless integration

Tailor deployment to your needs. Choose between cloud-based or on-premise deployment options to adapt to various setups. Reverie’s flexibility addresses specific preferences or requirements seamlessly.

Languages Supported

Code snippets for reference

Here’s a basic request translating, “Hello, world!” For more information on how our API works, take a look at our documentation.


					curl --location --request POST 'https://revapi.reverieinc.com/' \
--header 'src_lang: hi' \
--header 'domain: generic' \
--header 'REV-API-KEY: <YOUR API KEY>' \
--header 'REV-APPNAME: stt_file' \
--header 'REV-APP-ID: <YOUR API-ID>' \
--form 'audio_file=@/C:/Users/Reverie-PC/Downloads/ttsMP3.com_VoiceText_2020-8-27_8_39_11.mp3' \
--header 'format=mp3'


    "id": "03e4f260551345e6832bf62ba273e0096fd303e72f94453f",
    "success": false,
    "text": "",
    "final": true,
    "confidence": 1.0,
    "cause": "no file given",
    "display_text": ""

Use cases

Voice-Powered Search

Integrate STT technology into websites or mobile apps to enable voice search functionality. Enhance user experience by simplifying content discovery through spoken queries.

Transcription Services

Utilize STT for accurate transcription of diverse audio and video content, such as medical dictations. Assist businesses and healthcare professionals in organizing records, enhancing patient care, and optimizing workflow efficiency.

Enhancing Customer Service

Improve customer interactions in call centers or chatbots by employing STT. Enhance response times and communication efficiency for superior customer experiences.

Speech Analytics

Leverage STT to analyze recorded conversations, extracting valuable insights like sentiment analysis and customer feedback. Empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions based on analyzed speech data.

Meeting Transcripts and Note-Taking

Employ STT technology to transcribe live or recorded meetings, aiding in the creation of accurate transcripts and notes. Developers can integrate this feature into productivity tools or collaboration platforms, enabling users to capture and review meeting content effortlessly.

All Features

Profanity Filtering

Filter and mask inappropriate or offensive language to maintain content appropriateness.

Accurate Speech Recognition

Achieve precise conversion of spoken words into text, ensuring accuracy in  transcription.

Multilingual Support

Transcribe speech across various Indian languages and English, enabling multilingual capabilities.

Customizable Language Models

Tailor the API to recognize domain-specific vocabulary, enhancing accuracy within specialized contexts.

Real-Time Transcription

Instantaneously convert live speech into text, enabling real-time processing and response. 

Secure and Reliable Integration

Ensure maximum data security and privacy standards while seamlessly integrating into apps, websites, and systems with comprehensive documentation and SDKs.

Punctuation and Formatting

Automatically add punctuation and format transcribed text for improved readability and structure.

Customer Support

Access dedicated customer support to navigate integration and ongoing usage.

Keyword Spotting

Identify and extract specific keywords from transcriptions, aiding in content categorization and analysis.

High Scalability

Count on reliable performance to handle high volumes of requests, ensuring consistent service.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Explore affordable pricing options suitable for diverse business domains.

Flexible Audio Input

Accept various audio formats and streaming inputs for diverse usage scenarios.

Speaker Identification

Identify speakers based on the training set, enabling speaker-specific data extraction.

IVR Readiness

Enable low-fidelity voice recognition in noisy channels, ensuring functionality in IVR systems.

File-Based Recognition

Process audio input from pre-recorded audio files, facilitating versatile usage scenarios.

Our SDKs and libraries provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance your development experience


Supports Kotlin, Java


Supports Swift, Objective C


Supports NodeJS, Python, Java


Supports REST API

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