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Reverie’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) offers a robust platform for developers; with its REST API, developers can seamlessly translate English content into Indic languages with speed and accuracy. Developers can integrate Reverie’s NMT API into their applications, websites, or software to enable seamless and efficient content translation from English to various Indic languages. Reverie’s NMT goes beyond mere translation, ensuring cultural nuances are preserved, and making content more accessible to diverse audiences.

Benefits of Choosing Reverie’s APIs

Seamless Integration

Reverie presents a range of technologies, including SDKs and libraries, enabling easy assimilation of language solutions into current systems, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Comprehensive Documentation

Extensive and detailed resources provided by Reverie streamline the integration process, saving valuable time and resources by offering clear, easy-to-follow guidelines.

Flexible Deployment Options

Reverie caters to varying needs by offering both cloud-based and on-premise deployment choices, ensuring adaptability and addressing specific preferences or requirements of different setups.

Supporting languages


The example below demonstrates how the Localisation API will analyze the content’s domain & context and localize it:

Source Content

Book 3 flight tickets to Delhi

I have read books written by Abdul Kalam.

Translated Content

दिल्ली के लिए 3 फ्लाइट टिकट बुक करें

मैंने अब्दुल कलाम की लिखी किताबें पढ़ी हैं।

In the above statements, the word BOOK is used in both the sentences; however, our Localisation API will localize the word with context to domain/ industry.

Code snippets for reference

Translate content to multiple target languages


					curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'REV-API-KEY: <YOUR API-KEY>' \
--header 'REV-APP-ID: <YOUR APP-ID>' \
--header 'src_lang: en' \
--header 'tgt_lang: hi' \
--header 'REV-APPNAME: transliteration' \
--header 'domain: 1' \
--header 'cnt_lang: en' \
--data-raw '{"data": [
	"Reverie Language Technologies Limited is located in Bengaluru ",
	"The address is Jio Avana, Bellandur, Bengaluru -560102",
	"The website address is"
  "isBulk": false,
  "ignoreTaggedEntities": false


	"responseList": [
        	"inString": "Reverie Language Technologies Limited is located in Bengaluru ",
        	"outString": [
            	"रेवरी लॅग्वेज टेक्नोलॉजीस इज लोकेटेड इन बेंगलुरु "
        	"status": 2
        	"inString": "The address is Jio Avana, Bellandur, Bengaluru -560102",
        	"outString": [
            	"द ऍड्रेस इज जियो अवणा, बेल्लन्दुर, बेंगलुरु -560102"
        	"status": 2
        	"inString": "The website address is",
        	"outString": [
            	"द वेबसाइट ऍड्रेस इज"
        	"status": 2

The Reverie Translation API will use the App Id and API key to authenticate requests. You need these credentials to request to our server, Contact us now to try it for free.

Our APIs have endless use cases!

Website, App & Brand localisation

Leveraging NMT and transliteration ensures that the brand message is effectively communicated across different languages and scripts, allowing for a consistent and impactful user experience that resonates with diverse audiences.

Support - IVR, Chatbot & Voice Bot

Unlock the potential of your support systems with localisation and NMT, delivering personalized, intuitive, and frictionless interactions through IVR, Chatbot, and Voice Bot, transcending linguistic boundaries with ease.

Text-Based Automated Multilingual Customer Campaigns

Text-driven multilingual customer campaigns using NMT amplifies engagement driving communication success.

Content Localisation (Powerpoint, PDFs, Doc, etc)

Unlock the benefits of text and content localisation, including expanded market reach, enhanced customer engagement, and culturally relevant communication, driving growth and success.

Multilingual Omnichannel Customer Communication

With localisation and NMT, businesses can deliver personalized and compelling customer experiences across multiple languages and channels, cultivating strong customer relationships driving brand loyalty.

Blog localisation

Captivate your readers with content in their preferred language, stimulating active engagement and empowering informed decision-making, paving the way for your brand’s success.

All Features

Easy Integration

Simplifies integration into apps, websites, and systems through well-documented SDKs, reducing development complexities.

Secure and Reliable

Upholds maximum data security and privacy, adhering to stringent security standards, ensuring trustworthiness for developers and users alike.

Realtime Translation

Enables live chat, customer support, and social media interaction with instant multilingual capabilities, ensuring seamless user communication.

High Scalability

Delivers reliable performance to manage high request volumes, ensuring system stability even during peak usage.

Domain Adaptability

Customizes solutions for specific domains, optimizing translation accuracy for industry-specific content.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

AI models continuously enhance translation quality through ongoing learning from each translation.


Facilitates script conversion while preserving pronunciation and meaning, aiding developers in handling multilingual content.

Customizable Translation Models

Tailored models cater to unique business needs, ensuring precise and contextual translation for specific industries.

Comprehensive Language Support

Extensive coverage includes official Indian languages, facilitating broader audience reach and engagement.

Document Translation

Empowers efficient document translation via a robust API, easing the process for developers handling content localisation.

Unprecedented Translation Quality

Provides context-aware translations for superior accuracy and fluency, crucial for maintaining content integrity.

Customer Support

Offers dedicated guidance throughout integration and beyond, ensuring users receive assistance when needed.

Competitive Pricing

Offers affordable options suitable for various business domains, providing cost-effective language solutions.


Includes predefined terms and industry-specific terminology, aiding accurate translation for specialized content.

Our SDKs and libraries provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance your development experience


Supports Kotlin, Java


Supports Swift, Objective C


Supports NodeJS, Python, Java


Supports REST API

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