Transliteration API

Reverie’s Transliteration API aids developers in swiftly converting content between English and Indic languages, maintaining original phonetics. This API seamlessly integrates into applications, supporting 11 prominent Indian languages, crucial for precise localisation without altering context or significance.

Reverie benefits

Flexible deployment options

Reverie caters to varying needs by offering both cloud-based and on-premise deployment choices, ensuring adaptability and addressing specific preferences or requirements of different setups.

Seamless integration

Reverie presents a range of technologies, including SDKs and libraries, enabling easy assimilation of language solutions into current systems, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Comprehensive documentation

Extensive and detailed resources provided by Reverie streamline the integration process, saving valuable time and resources by offering clear, easy-to-follow guidelines.

Languages Supported


Transliteration is involved while converting the names, addresses, titles, and more into Indian languages as localisation is important without changing meaning. For a better understanding, refer to the below examples:

Type English Alphabets (Latin Script) Hindi Alphabets (Devanagari Script)
City Name New Delhi न्यू दिल्ली
City Name Pune पुणे
City Name Bengaluru बेंगलुरु
Brand Bata बाटा
Brand Bajaj बजाज
Brand Reliance रिलायन्स
Person Name A R Rahaman ए आर रहमान
Person Name Mani Ratnam मणि रत्नम
Person Name Anu Malik अनु मलिक
In the above example, only the script of the content is converted from the English language (Latin Script) to the Hindi language (Devanagari Script). But, the pronunciation of the words remains the same.

Code snippets for reference

Here’s a basic request translating, “Hello, world!” For more information on how our API works, take a look at our documentation.


					curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'REV-API-KEY: <YOUR API-KEY>' \
--header 'REV-APP-ID: <YOUR APP-ID>' \
--header 'src_lang: en' \
--header 'tgt_lang: hi' \
--header 'domain: 1' \
--header 'cnt_lang: en' \
--header 'REV-APPNAME: transliteration' \
--data-raw '{"data": ["Reverie Language Technologies Limited ltd website address is"],
"isBulk" :false,
"ignoreTaggedEntities" : false


	"responseList": [
        	"inString": "Reverie Language Technologies Limited ltd website address is ",
        	"outString": [
            	"रेवरी लॅग्वेज टेक्नोलॉजीस लिमिटेड वेबसाइट ऍड्रेस इज "
        	"status": 2

Note – Please refer to the Header table in API reference with details adding the right headers for the POST request.

Use cases

Customer Support Development

Integrate transliteration API for seamless multilingual customer support, aiding interaction with diverse language-speaking customers.

E-commerce Integration

Enable product name and description transliteration into Indian languages, broadening customer reach and comprehension within e-commerce platforms.

Mobile App Development

Transliterate app interfaces, menus, and notifications for a multilingual user base, enhancing usability and adoption rates.

Social Media Integration

Facilitate discussions in Indian languages by transliterating social media content, fostering engagement and interaction.

Content Localisation Development

Develop solutions to transliterate web content, blogs, and resources for regional readers, boosting traffic and engagement.

Travel Tech Solutions

Integrate Transliteration API for travel-related information, enhancing the experience for tourists navigating hotels and restaurants.

Legal Tech Integration

Develop systems to transliterate legal documents, ensuring clarity and comprehension for diverse stakeholders.

Education Technology

Facilitate regional learning by transliterating educational materials, videos, and assessments, fostering accessibility.

Government Compliance Solutions

Create tools to transliterate compliance documents, licenses, and permits, aiding businesses in regulatory processes.

Marketing Adaptation

Transliterate campaign content for regional resonance, ensuring slogans and advertisements effectively engage diverse audiences.

All Features

Data Security Assurance

Maximum data privacy and security compliance, meeting stringent standards for developers’ peace of mind. 

Developer-focused Support

Dedicated assistance throughout integration and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth developer experience.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate into apps, websites, and systems with detailed documentation and SDKs, simplifying development.

Tailored Translation Models

Industry-specific models cater to diverse business needs, ensuring precise and contextual translations. 

Extensive Language Coverage

Support for all official Indian languages broadens user accessibility and engagement.  

Reverse Transliteration Support

Convert Indian language scripts back to English adds versatility to language processing capabilities.

Continuous AI Improvement

AI models consistently learn and enhance translations, ensuring evolving accuracy and quality over time.

Quality-driven Translations

Context-aware translations guarantee accuracy and fluency, vital for maintaining the content integrity.

Scalable Performance

Reliable handling of high request volumes ensures system stability during peak usage periods.

Domain-specific Customization

Tailored solutions cater to specific industries, optimizing translation accuracy for specialized content.

Cost-effective Solutions

Competitive pricing options cater to businesses of various domains, offering budget-friendly language solutions.

Our SDKs and libraries provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance your development experience


Supports Kotlin, Java


Supports Swift, Objective C


Supports NodeJS, Python, Java


Supports REST API

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