Why the Indian digital classifieds industry has to step up its localisation game

While the term ‘Classified Advertising’ might seem like a modern term, you would be surprised to know that outdoor advertising has been in vogue for about 4,000 years now. Throughout history, kingdoms and legions have had advertisements engraved, carved, embroidered and put up for general public. The first newspaper classified advertisement was published in the… View Article

Comparison of Indic language keypads

Author: Karthik Malli Impressed by some of his work on Indian scripts, we at Reverie Language Technologies reached out to Karthik Malli, a language enthusiast, to find out if he would be interested in testing out some of the leading digital Indic-language keypads in the market. He enthusiastically agreed. Below is the comparison of Indic language… View Article

Is a multilingual Digital India campaign required for its success?

The Digital India campaign was launched by the Government of India in 2015. Its primary objective is to provide government services to Indian citizens digitally by connecting rural India with high-speed internet. Under the initiative, the Indian government aims to accomplish: The creation of digital infrastructure Delivery of services digitally Digital literacy While this initiative… View Article

Language equality on the Indian Internet. How do we achieve it?

At Reverie Language Technologies, irrespective of who we are, where we are from, and the job positions we hold, we all work towards achieving the same goal with singular focus. And, that is the mission based on which Reverie was founded: achieving language equality on the Indian Internet in the digital medium, especially the Internet… View Article

Inside the Mechanics of Machine Learning – Word Vectors (Part I)

Author: Harsha Mudumby, Lead R&D and Machine Translation Engineer Complex problems have always fascinated me. To me, the tougher the problem, the more challenging and fun it is to solve. There is a sense of completeness, when you encounter a problem, analyse it from a variety of perspectives and, finally, build a working solution for… View Article