3-Solid Reasons to Invest in eCommerce Localisation Now!

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One of the most pressing concerns of the e-commerce industry today is helping customers go digital. Though there has been a steady increase in the number of shoppers online, from 135 million in 2019 to 150 million in 2020, 90% of internet users say they prefer to consume content in their local language. According to a KANTAR report, India has seen a 23% growth in daily internet users since 2020. Most of whom aren’t English literate and are comfortable shopping in the English language online. This brings us to the question – How can the Indian eCommerce Industry meet the requirements of their native language shoppers?

Answer – ‘eCommerce Branding with Localisation’  

Why should the Indian eCommerce Industry Invest in Localisation?  

  1. Increased customer satisfaction and revenue up to 30%

86% of localised advertising campaigns outperform their English-language counterparts when we calculate conversions and click-throughs.  

Investing in eCommerce localisation gives brands a competitive edge by enabling them to take a customer-centric approach to provide native language support, FAQs, and knowledge bases. And the outcome – is greater customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

Why is this so? 9 out of 10 internet users said they would prefer to use a website in their native tongue, according to an EU survey. This highlights how strongly users desire websites in their native language. eCommerce localization fosters a relationship of trust with your customers and makes them more likely to revisit your website. 

Customers appreciate knowing that you show concern for them. Your local language website will undoubtedly shine once people notice them. 

If you demonstrate a profound understanding, your clients will feel more connected. This creates a strong bond and gives them the impression that they can come to you for assistance.

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  1. Augment your reach by up to 50%

Though English is considered the universal language of communication, having an English-only eCommerce website might not give you the market reach and customer experience you are looking to achieve.

Since India is one of the world’s emerging markets and is home to a rich cultural heritage, a sizable population, and a long history, the land of opportunity is here!

Even though many Indians aspire to speak English as a language, the truth is that only 10% of them are currently fluent speakers. Additionally, they prefer to learn about a company, product, or service in their native tongue rather than in English, as most consumers do around the world.

Prioritizing is the key to eCommerce localisation in India.  It would help if you begin by localising your eCommerce in Hindi, the fourth most spoken language in the world and one of India’s 22 official languages. Hindi is also the official language of the Indian government. Over 201 billion people will be using the internet in Hindi in the next two years, making it the most common language in the nation.

  1. Enhanced brand recognition and trust among customers

According to a recent CSA Research, while 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language, a whopping 92.2% prefer to buy in their local currency.

While localising your e-commerce website will result in ‘repeat’ customers, translating it can help you draw attention.

Putting your customers’ needs and preferences first makes your brand your customer’s brand of choice and eventually fosters trust. Statistics prove that customers prefer buying from sites in their native tongue. Localisation, beyond customer preferences and communication,  goes a long way in making customers loyal to your brand.  It creates a connection and a sense of comfort with your customer. Localizing and understanding your customer’s purchasing habits help streamline your brand as a business.  


E-commerce has revolutionized how businesses operate in India. From US$ 46.2 billion in 2020, the Indian e-commerce market is projected to grow to US$ 188 billion by 2025. It is anticipated to reach US$ 350 billion by 2030

Search engines are the key to attracting customers and building a brand presence. eCommerce localisation assists website ranking via multilingual SEO, giving you a competitive edge over other brands in the market. 

Besides boosting your brand presence and helping expand your reach in the market, localisation enhances your customer’s experience and satisfaction rate, making your brand the go-to brand for your customers. 

We at Reverie Language Technologies Limited are pioneers in end-to-end localisation and have been assisting many eCommerce brands in going multilingual for over a decade.

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