Sparking Harmony in all realms of life: A Tribute to Reverie’s Women on Women’s Day

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A Tribute to Reverie's Women on Women's Day

As International Women’s Day dawns upon us, Reverie takes pride in spotlighting the remarkable women who infuse our workplace with vitality. These dedicated professionals seamlessly balance their roles as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers, radiating warmth, camaraderie, strength, resilience, and nurturing across every facet of our organization.

Within Reverie’s corridors, these women transcend traditional gender roles, contributing not just intellectually but also fostering innovation, creativity, and the company’s overall success. Their adept multitasking, problem-solving skills, and empathetic leadership create a collaborative and forward-thinking work environment, setting the stage for our collective growth.

At Reverie, we champion fairness and equality, viewing women as integral team members. Our commitment to equal opportunities ensures that every individual, regardless of gender, can flourish in their careers. Our belief extends beyond mere acknowledgment of diversity; we embrace it as a catalyst for our collective success.

Respect and security aren’t just rhetoric at Reverie; they’re foundational principles shaping our workplace culture. We value and recognize the unique strengths and perspectives women bring, providing a safe and inclusive environment where professional goals can be pursued without compromise.

At the heart of Reverie, a harmonious collaboration unfolds as 117 dedicated men unite with 68 exceptional women. Shoulder to shoulder, they share responsibilities, fostering mutual respect and trust. Together, they embody the essence of teamwork, creating a workplace where diversity thrives, and success is a shared achievement.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day at Reverie, hear directly from the team. Their testimonials showcase a workplace culture that thrives on equality, support, and collective success.

“Reverie is my thriving workplace, where a supportive environment, equal opportunities, and empowering colleagues create fulfilling days. I am proud to contribute to a company that values diversity and fosters professional growth.” – Sumukhi CV, Software Engineer – R&D

“I have been working at Reverie Language Technologies Limited for several years now, and I can confidently say we have a supportive and collaborative culture, combined with challenging and meaningful work, which makes coming to work every day something to look forward to. I strongly believe that “Before you achieve, you must believe,” and working here has allowed me to make a real contribution to the company’s mission to make a difference. It is inspiring to be part of such a dedicated team, all working towards a common goal.” – Sandeep Kaur, Senior Translator

“I embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a graphic designer to a product designer. My growth was fueled by a culture of continuous learning, and this led to the flourishing of team synergy and creative autonomy. As a result, every day became both fulfilling and enjoyable. I am grateful for the freedom to innovate and craft user-centric experiences.” – Shagufta Zabin, Product Designer

“I am grateful to be part of Reverie, where cooperative coworkers have turned into friends and eventually, a second family. Kudos to Arvind (CEO) and Vivek (CTO) for fostering a friendly and conducive work environment that encourages continuous learning and exploration. Special thanks to my boss SaiKiran (VP), whose unwavering support and patient guidance have been invaluable at every stage. Thrilled to have made numerous friendships that enrich my life. Best wishes to all fellow Reverians.” – Pooja SP, Program Manager

“I have had the privilege of embarking on a remarkable three-year journey with Reverie, a place where challenges fuel growth and diversity defines unity. The constant stream of new challenges keeps me invigorated, making each day worthwhile. The diverse tapestry of colleagues from all corners of India has enriched my professional life, providing a unique and gratifying experience. The supportive environment fostered by the management team and my colleagues has been instrumental in my growth. Kudos to Reverie for creating a space where people truly make the place, turning this journey into an unforgettable and rewarding experience.” – Meshalla Anand, Marketing & Content

“Reverie is blessed to have a team of talented women who bring life and energy to our workplace. On this International Women’s Day, I want to personally acknowledge and commend these women for their ability to gracefully balance both work and family responsibilities. They truly are the vibrant heartbeat of our company. More power to these amazing women!” – Pranjal Nayak, Assistant General Manager, R&D

“On International Women’s Day, I want to express deep appreciation for the incredible women in our team. Their remarkable ability to balance work and family with grace is truly admirable. From meeting deadlines to shouldering responsibilities, they are the backbone of our organization. These superwomen not only excel in their professional roles but also shine in various areas like social media and sports, earning medals in the Revlympics. Working with this predominantly female team has been a source of profound learning for me. Kudos to all the Sheroes at Reverie!” – Sai Kiran, Vice President – Delivery & Presales

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